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Master Teachers Program

Master Teachers



Professional Development


Education Specialist Credential in Mild/Moderate Disabilities


Interns participate in a 4-semester supervised experience while teaching in their own classrooms under an intern credential. Interns are part of a cohort that meets every other week throughout their four-semester experience.

Student Teaching Requirements

Interns participate in 4 semesters of supervision while teaching in their own classrooms, Interns receive assistance and guidance from a credentialed, experienced teacher at their work site, as well as a university supervisor who leads their cohorted seminars.

Preparatory Coursework

Interns complete all their special education coursework during their internship. They are expected to develop a solid understanding of the skills and competencies of the special education professional while participating in their 4-semester experience.

Assessment of Interns

Observation Requirements

Interns are observed a minimum of 2 times each semester by their University Supervisor, and a minimum of 3 times by their Support Provider. The observer will fill out an Education Specialist Feedback Form, and discuss it with the student teacher before distributing the copies as indicated on the form. Informal observations and feedback should be conducted throughout both semesters as appropriate.

Expected Competencies

Interns are expected to achieve high levels of competency in each of the 6 California Standards for the Teaching Profession over the course of their internship.


Interns are evaluated on-line twice during each semester by their University Supervisor.

Inclusive Experiences

Interns must participate in at least 25 hours of observation/participation in an inclusive classroom environment during their 4-semester experience.

Other Expectations

Interns are expected to demonstrate competency in assessment of students with disabilities, writing of IEPs, IEP meetings, and other responsibilities of the special educator during their 4-semester internship.