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Master Teachers Program

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Professional Development


Teachers for a New Era (TNE)

TNE student teachers participate in two-semester supervised fieldwork and student teaching experiences--one in the fall semester and the other in the spring semester—in the TNE-LAUSD partnership school sites ONLY. Each of these supervised field experiences is preceded by a 40-hour observation/participation (O/P) experience during the first 6-7 weeks of the semester, in the classroom in which the student teacher will complete the supervised field experience. Student teaching is expected to be completed in classrooms of supervising teachers in TNE-LAUSD partnership school sites.

Student Teaching Requirements

Preparatory Coursework

As TNE is a ONE-year program, student teachers complete their supervised fieldwork and student teaching experiences concurrently with the requisite coursework in the multiple subjects credential program.

Observation Requirements

The observer will complete the Classroom Observation Forms (NCR), and discuss it with the student teacher before distributing the copies as indicated on the form. Informal observations and feedback should be conducted throughout both semesters as appropriate.

Expected Competencies


Formal evaluation of TNE student teachers will be conducted twice during each semester of student teaching--midterm and final—by both the University Supervisor and the Supervising Teacher (aka. Master Teacher), using the department’s Classroom Teaching Profile (CTP), which is available ONLINE. Please consult the CTP forms for detailed explanations of minimum passing score requirements for the midterm and the final evaluation of student teaching.

Other Expectations

During the two semesters of student teaching, TNE student teachers are to gain experiences in working with diverse learners, English learners, children with special needs, and emergent and developing readers and writers. In addition, student teachers are also expected to attend IEP meetings, SST meetings, and other assessment and/or professional development meetings shadowing their cooperating teachers.