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What you DON'T see on your DPR...

December 13, 2013

Hi Marketing majors!

We wanted to remind you that we have new marketing electives.  So new that they don't even show up on your DPR as marketing electives!

MKT 350 (Consumer Info in the Digital Age) MKT 356 (Marketing Metrics and Insights) *note, it incorrectly says you need the UDWPE to enroll.  This is NOT the case.  Please contact the MKT Department to enroll. MKT 459 (Social Media Marketing)

These electives were created based on student, alumni and practitioner feedback on what is needed to succeed in today's workforce.  According to Sanford C. Bernstein analyst Ali Dibadj "Many...companies have become more analytical, and when your top line isn't growing, it's hard to prove what your marketing department is doing for you."  Both MKT 356 and MKT 459 will help prepare you for this marketplace!

Happy Holidays!