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Kalyan Chakravarty

Kalyan Chakravarty
(818) 677-2435
Office location:
JH 4224


Kalyan S. Chakravarty has been in the field of Organizational Behavior and Human Resources Management for over three decades. He is one professional from India who has the rare distinction of having been able to blend his brilliant academic background with decades of corporate experience and training in the management of human resources at the senior most levels. He received his college degree, a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry, and a Masters in Applied Psychology bagging a Gold Medal for having secured the First Position in the First Class, from the Department of Applied Psychology, University of Calcutta. He is a postgraduate in Business Management from Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore and Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta. He is widely known and respected in the professional circles for his professional integrity and commitment in the design, development and successful implementation of a number of HR subsystems for the total management of human resources in large multinational companies and Indian Houses of repute.