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Prof LOverman's English 114A Projects


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Writing-No Late Work accepted. Missing any step in progressions will prevent you from submitting a final portfolio!

Written Work

Note: Instructor will only review rough drafts one-on-one during an appt. you make with her.

Detailed prompts for all assignments appear below. I evaluate your final portfolio holistically, and you’ll earn a letter grade from A-F (including + and –grades) for the portfolio. (Your final course grade may include a letter grade with a plus or minus.) Your Progression essays will receive a letter grade as well as detailed feedback.

I evaluate all other assignments (see list of course requirements on syllabus weblink) on a credit/no credit basis. You must fulfill the requirements and complete the assignment on time in order to earn credit for a particular assignment. In some cases, I will permit you to revise an assignment so that you may earn credit for it, provided that you turned in the assignment on time.

All written projects are to be completed in Moodle before class starts by the day they are due. Essay rough drafts are to be posted and responded to following Writing Response Protocols (see #29 below) or in Moodle on date due PRIOR to whole class workshops.

Written assignments typed, double-spaced and stapled, 1 " margins all around, left justified--in MLA format (see MLA Undergraduate Sample Paper for a template) to be uploaded in Moodle.

  • Progression 1: Reading and Responding to Texts
    Exercise 1: Summary and Reconstruction
    Exercise 2: Letter to Author
    Exercise 3: Letter to Friend or Family Member
    Essay 1: Literacy Narrative (two drafts & peer reviewed)
    LRC visit-extra credit
  • Progression 2: Seeing and Hearing Texts
    Exercise 1: The “Word-Picture”
    Exercise 2: The Scene
    Exercise 3: The Ethnography
    Essay 2: Rhetorical Analysis (two drafts & peer reviewed)
    LRC visit-extra credit
  • Progression 3: Arguing Through Texts
    Exercise 1: Argument and Analysis
    Exercise 2: The Dialogue
    Exercise 3: Argumentative Proposal
    Essay 3: Argument Essay (two drafts & peer reviewed)
    LRC visit-extra credit
    • Rhetorical/Visual Analyses

      In 15 minutes discussion pairs facilitate discussions (not lectures) through interesting and creative ways that engage the class. 

      Discussion pairs should:
      Help the class draw important connections between the text and contemporary issues via message, method, medium
      Help the class recognize the essay’s intended audience
      Help the class recognize the essay’s rhetorical strategies
      Help the class recognize the essay’s thesis and larger implications

      Possible discussion strategies include asking meaningful questions, group activities, textual connections, and film clips.

    Final Portfolio - to contain REVISED materials from 2 Progressions, at least one previous draft of these essays, & Reflective Essay. Must have course grade of 75% min. to submit. LATE/ INCOMPLETE PORTFOLIOS will not be accepted!

    1. Preface/Reflective Essay
    2. Also—please submit an additional copy of an essay written in 114A to be submitted to New Voices. This essay can be one of the essays included in the portfolio or a different one.

    Again, in order to pass English 114A these requirements must be fulfilled:

    1. 3 completed Progressions (each progression consists of three exercises and one essay) punctual attendance and participation
    2. careful and critical reading/viewing of all assigned texts (including independent research and colleagues’ assignment drafts)
    3. 8-11 weekly Moodle posts (@ min. 250 words)
    4. paired rhetorical analysis presentation
    5. final portfolio (new revisions of two major essays as well as a reflective essay, at least one previous draft of these essays)
    6. in - class writing
    7. 20 Moodle responses to colleagues’ workshop drafts