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Student Online Workshop - Interdisciplinary Studies - Liberal Studies Program


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Teacher Preparation Program

Interdisciplinary Studies Option

  • Track A: Humanities
  • Track B: Human Rights
  • Track C: Sustainability
  • Track D: Russian Studies
  • Track E: China Studies
  • Track F: Interdisciplinary Specialization

Humanities Interdisciplinary Minor

Sustainability Minor

Russian Studies Minor


Student Online Workshop

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Student Online Workshop - Interdisciplinary Studies


The Interdisciplinary Studies Option (non-teaching option) is designed for students interested in a broad liberal arts education. All Interdisciplinary Studies Option students must complete a specialization track during their course of education.


Why Completing a Workshop is so Important:

  • 10 to 15 business days after completing a workshop, a Liberal Studies evaluation of your coursework will be sent to you via email. Your CSUN Student ID # is required.
  • You may not meet with and Advisor without completing a workshop.
  • Program information is disseminated and reviewed so you get an understanding of the program and your options before you meet with an Advisor.
  • All the information given in the Workshops cannot be covered in a single individual advisement appointment.
  • After receiving a Liberal Studies evaluation, you may then make an individual advisement appointment. Please note that appointments will be shortened during Registration Periods due to the volume of students needing assistance with planning their courses for the coming semester.

To begin the workshop, click on the start button.

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