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Plan H General Studies (Non-Teaching Option) - Liberal Studies Program


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Teacher Preparation Program

Interdisciplinary Studies Option

  • Track A: Humanities
  • Track B: Human Rights
  • Track C: Sustainability
  • Track D: Russian Studies
  • Track E: China Studies
  • Track F: Interdisciplinary Specialization

Humanities Interdisciplinary Minor

Sustainability Minor

Russian Studies Minor


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Plan "H" General Studies (Non-Teaching Option)

About the General Studies Option, Plan "H"

The General Studies Option is designed for students interested in a broad liberal arts education. Students take courses in the language arts, mathematics, natural sciences, social sciences, humanities, and the visual and performing arts. As part of this option, students are required to complete an area of specialization. General Education and Title V requirements are completed outside the major. Even though many course choices below count for GE. Liberal Studies General Studies option student may not double-count any courses from GE within the major. All General Studies option students must complete a Service Learning or internship component during their course of education.

The General Studies Option leads to a variety of career options. Some students pursue graduate education in fields such as law, public administration, social services, the arts, and urban planning. Liberal Studies students are eligible for almost any job in which a college degree is required. Your Liberal Studies degree signifies to others that you are a capable well-rounded individual who can accomplish complex tasks and communicate well with others. The CSUN Career Center is available to explore your many career options.

Students interested in General Studies are encouraged to complete a General Studies on-line workshop to learn more about this option. You may download additional information such as an advisement form by clicking here. Students who have applied to CSUN or are currently attending will receive an individualized evalution via email in 2-3 weeks after completing the workshop.

Requirements for the Bachelor of Arts Degree General Studies Option

  • Total units in major: 58-59 units
  • General Education and Title 5: 48 units
  • Additional units: 14 units
  • Total for a B.A. degree: 120 units
  • Passage of the Upper Division Writing Proficiency Exam

Informational Handouts and Policies

*For earlier plans (A to E), please contact the Liberal Studies Program Office.