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ITEP and Credentialing Questions - Liberal Studies Program


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Teacher Preparation Program

Interdisciplinary Studies Option

  • Track A: Humanities
  • Track B: Human Rights
  • Track C: Sustainability
  • Track D: Russian Studies
  • Track E: China Studies
  • Track F: Interdisciplinary Specialization

Humanities Interdisciplinary Minor

Sustainability Minor

Russian Studies Minor


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ITEP and Credentialing Questions


How and when should I apply for ITEP?

Please refer to the ITEP Checklist for the early preparation tips for ITEP. In general, you need to apply to the Credential Program early in the semester before you plan to take ITEP courses. Please keep in mind that application deadlines are subject to change without prior notice. However, generally, the deadline to apply to the Credential Program for fall semester is March 1st. The deadline for spring admission is October 1st. For Credential Program application questions, please contact the Credential Office at (818) 677-2586 or visit their Credential Application Page.

I am in ITEP. Where do I go if I have questions about my professional education PACT requirement?

Please contact the Dpeartment of Elementary Education at (818) 677-2621 for the most current information.

I have questions about my ITEP student teaching requirements and assignment. Who do I contact?

For student teaching requirements, you should speak to a Credential Advisor by calling (818) 677-3002. For questions related to student teaching assignments, please contact the Department of Elementary Education at (818) 677-3183 or the Department of Special Education at (818) 677-2596.

I am in ITEP. How do I petition to earn post-baccalaureate units so that I may earn a higher salary once I begin working as a teacher?

ITEP students may petition for post-BA credit for professional education (EED & SPED) courses completed during their final Year beyond 120 units.  This process is NOT stating that the requirements were not needed as part of your ITEP degree but rather that the units may be footnoted as post baccalaureate for the purpose placement in a school district’s salary scale.