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Graduation Questions - Liberal Studies Program


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Teacher Preparation Program

Interdisciplinary Studies Option

  • Track A: Humanities
  • Track B: Human Rights
  • Track C: Sustainability
  • Track D: Russian Studies
  • Track E: China Studies
  • Track F: Interdisciplinary Specialization

Humanities Interdisciplinary Minor

Sustainability Minor

Russian Studies Minor


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What clubs are offered at CSUN?

Student Affairs provides the Ask Matty information.

Graduation Questions


How do I apply for graduation

There is a 3-step process to apply for graduation for ALL Liberal Studies Options.

  1. Make an advisement appointment to apply for graduation at least ONE YEAR in advance of your anticipated date of graduation by calling: (818) 677-3300. In order to apply for graduation on-time, consult the current Schedule of Classes for specific application deadline dates.
  2. After making an advisement appointment, you must complete your "MAP" (My Academic Planner) and take a printed copy to your appointment. You will need your MAP to apply for graduation.
  3. At your appointment, an advisor will update your advisement form, review a preliminary graduation worksheet, and sign your completed Application for Bachelor's Degree and Diploma form. Students will submit their completed Application for Bachelor's Degree and Diploma form along with any necessary attachments, and the $47 application fee to Admissions and Records in the Bayramian Hall BEFORE the application deadline*. Consult the current Schedule of Classes for specific deadline dates.

*The Application for Bachelor's Degree and Diploma will be valid for 30 calendar days once it is signed and dated by a Liberal Studies Advisor.

What are the requirements for graduating with honors?

To receive honors at graduation, a student must:

  • Complete a minimum of 45 units of work in letter-graded courses at CSUN;
  • Earn a cumulative GPA of 3.50 or above;
  • Earn the following GPA in all undergraduate courses, including transfer work:
    • Summa Cum Laude: GPA of 3.90 or above
    • Magna Cum Laude: GPA of 3.75 to 3.89
    • Cum Laude: GPA of 3.50 to 3.74

For instructions on how to calculate your GPA, please visit refer to this Liberal Studies handout.


I am graduating soon. Who do I contact to find out about commencement?

Students may contact Office of Student Development and International Programs at (818) 677-2393 or visit the Commencement website. Please note: Liberal Studies majors participate in the College of Humanities Commencement Ceremony and wear a dark blue tassel.