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Liberal Studies Program


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Teacher Preparation Program

Interdisciplinary Studies Option

  • Track A: Humanities
  • Track B: Human Rights
  • Track C: Sustainability
  • Track D: Russian Studies
  • Track E: China Studies
  • Track F: Interdisciplinary Specialization

Humanities Interdisciplinary Minor

Sustainability Minor

Russian Studies Minor


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Advising and Academic Questions


I want to major in Liberal Studies. What should I do?

To declare your major as Liberal Studies, you must first complete a Liberal Studies Workshop. There are two different workshops available: 1) The Teacher Preparation Workshop is designed for future elementary or special education teachers; 2) The Interdisciplinary Studies Option Workshop is designed for students interested in a broad liberal arts education.

After completing the appropriate workshop, your previous course work will be evaluated by a Liberal Studies Advisor and an evaluation will be mailed to you in 10 to 15 business days. Once you have received your evaluation, you may make an individual appointment with a Liberal Studies Advisor. At your appointment, the Advisor can help you file the necessary form to declare your major as Liberal Studies.

I want to map out my next few years at CSUN so that I may graduate by my target date. Where should I go for help?

You can visit the Liberal Studies website at www.csun.edu/liberalstudies/4_5_yearplan.html.

These plans will serve as a guide in creating your "MAP" (My Academic Planner).

You may make an appointment with a Liberal Studies Advisor to discuss the MAP you have created. To make an appointment with a Liberal Studies Advisor, please call (818) 677-3300.

What is the grade forgiveness policy? Do I need to petition for it?

Effective Fall 2009, students may repeat up to 16 units of coursework for grade forgiveness. The better of the first two grades will be used to calculate the GPA and the lower grade will be "forgiven". However, both grades will appear on official transcripts. Students are allowed to repeat only if they have received a grade of C- or below in their first attempt and not permitted to enroll in the class until the semester begins. Students are not permitted to enroll in a class for a third or subsequent time without the written consent of the Associate Dean of the College of Humanities. After the 16.0 unit limit has been reached, a maximum of 12 units will be averaged into the GPA. Courses take at other schools cannot be repeated at CSUN to improve the grade point average. Courses taken at CSUN cannot be repeated at other schools to impove the grade point average.

Do I need a C grade or better in Math 310?

The answer is no, a C grade or better is not required in Math 310, but lower than a C will hurt your GPA. A D- grade or better is considered passing. However, we recommend that students aim for A's and B's, and never ever give up!

What does it mean to be placed on academic probation or disqualification?

If a student's CSUN or overall GPA falls below a 2.0, he/she will be placed on academic probation. Students who do not make academic progress while on probation may be disqualified from the University. For detailed information on University's academic probation and disqualification policies, please check out the Probation and Disqualification handout.

Students who are experiencing academic difficulties should make an appointment with a Liberal Studies Advisor immediately by calling (818) 677-3300.

I am a Career Ladder student. Where do I go for advisement?

Career Ladder participants are immediately eligible for advisement without having to complete a Workshop (although it is highly recommended). Career Ladder students must call the Liberal Studies Office at (818) 677-3300 and identify themselves as "Career Ladder" and provide their Employee I.D. number in order to make an appointment.

I think I want to change my major from Liberal Studies to something else. Who should I contact?

If you know which new major you would like to pursue, please contact that department directly and speak with one of their advisors. If you need career counseling before declaring your new major, please contact the Career Center at (818) 677-2878 and meet with a decision using various career exploration techniques.