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Web-One Training

Training Approach

Information Technology offers two Web-One training sessions per year and an open lab to assist all CSUN departments, colleges and divisions. Training is customized for campus web content owners based on their Web-One role(s). Training guides, videos and support are also available. To be added to the wait list for training, please contact

Writing for the Web

This presentation, given by Gratia Bone, Director of Marketing for The Tseng College, includes tips on Search Engine Optimization and effective writing styles for the web.

Web-One Accessibility Basics

This reference guide addresses the basic steps for incorporating accessibility in Web-One webpages.

Web-One Essentials User Guide 

This guide provides step-by-step instructions for content owners to perform the most common tasks in Web-One. 

Web-One Essentials Video Tutorials

Learn the Web-One Essentials by viewing this collection of videos from an instructor-led Web-One Essentials class.

Web-One Group Administrator User Guide  

This guide provides step-by-step instructions for group administrators in Web-One.

Adding a Calendar in Web-One

Learn how to add a calendar in Web-One. 

CSUN Blogs - Getting Started Guide     

Learn how to set-up and manage your CSUN blog. 

Submitting an Event for the University Calendar

Learn how to submit an event for the university calendar. 

Web-One Migration Preparation Guide

This guide provides the steps users need to complete to effectively migrate existing web content into Web-One.  

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