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Web-One Essentials: Creating, Editing and Publishing

Web-One Essentials - Video Tutorials

This collection of video recordings are of an actual Web-One Essentials class. The videos are broken down by topic so you can quickly find the content you are looking for. These videos can be a refresher if you have attended an instructor-led class or they can be used to learn Web-One Essentials at your convenience.

Watch the entire video series by selecting the Play All button on our YouTube Web-One Essentials Class Playlist.

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Introduction [ 5m 01s ]

Web Content Owner Roles [ 2m 08s ]

Your Group Landing Page [ 5m 22s ]

Group Landing Page Overview
(Includes Header, Primary Navigation bar, Banner, Constituency Navigation, Layout, Main Body content, Footer)


Navigating the Web-One Interface [ 8m 38s ]

Creating a Slideshow [ 11m 41 ]

Creating a General Page [ 14m 56s ]

Changing Webpage Layout [ 10m 42s ]

Linking to a Video [ 10m 18s ]

Creating a News Article [ 7m 22s ]

Creating an Event [ 2m 42s ]

Adding a Calendar [ 3m 15s ]

Editing a Person List [ 3m 04s ]

Creating a Webform [ 3m 40s ]

Google Analytics [ 2m 23s ]

Checking for Broken Links [ 2m 50s ]

Web-One Wrap Up [ 3m 56s ]