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IT Vision@2015

Cal State Northridge engaged in a collaborative campus process in 2010-2011 to create IT Vision@2015, a campus digital master plan. Much like the campus physical master plan establishes a blueprint for the future look of the physical campus, the IT Vision@2015 establishes a five-year vision for information technology.

The IT Vision@2015 final report was completed in September 2011; it will guide annual university technology project planning and priority setting.

To help provide a graphical representation of the IT Vision@2015, one-page Roadmaps have been generated for each of the four themes. The roadmaps will be reviewed and updated annually as part of the University planning process. 

View Theme 1 Roadmap

View Theme 2 Roadmap

View Theme 3 Roadmap

View Theme 4 Roadmap


To help the University realize the goals documented in the IT Vision@2015 report, information technology Guiding Principles were developed to guide the proper balance between cost containment, efficiency, excellent service, flexibility, and innovation.

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