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What is StudyMate?

StudyMate Class enables instructors to develop Flash-based interactive learning tools for their students. Instructors can make use of simple templates to create flash cards, quizzes and games from their course content. Once these activities have been created, they can be easily posted in Moodle for student reference. StudyMate Author is the stand-alone version if instructors wish to post activities outside of Moodle.

How do I get StudyMate?

StudyMate Class is available within all Moodle courses under the “Add an activity...” drop down menu. To get a stand-alone StudyMate Author account, contact the Faculty Technology Center

What training is available at CSUN?

A brief overview of StudyMate is often given in the Faculty Technology Center's Moodle Activities and Course Redesign Essentials workshops. Please check our Training Schedule for dates and times. If you would like to request specialized training, please contact the Faculty Technology Center.

How can I learn more about StudyMate?

Visit the StudyMate website for demonstration movies, screenshots, and a QuickStart guide.

How can I get more help?

If you have questions, please contact the Faculty Technology Center.

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