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SoftChalk LessonBuilder

What is SoftChalk LessonBuilder?

Softchalk LessonBuilder allows you to easily create engaging, interactive web lessons. It allows you to add interactive games, quiz questions, and pop-up text annotations.

How do I get SoftChalk LessonBuilder?

To get a SoftChalk LessonBuilder account, contact the Faculty Technology Center. The campus has a site license for SoftChalk LessonBuilder for faculty use.

What training is available at CSUN?

Training classes are scheduled throughout the semester. Please check our Training Schedule for workshop dates and times. If you would like to request specialized training please contact the Faculty Technology Center. We also provide online tutorials and guides for many tools.

How can I learn more about LessonBuilder?

Visit the SoftChalk website for demonstrations, short courses, workshops, quick tour videos and their Innovators in Online Learning webinar series. The Support area contains FAQs and downloadable guides, including a Lesson Builder 4.0 User Guides and the LessonBuilder 4.0 Installation Guide.

How can I get more help?

If you have questions, please contact the Faculty Technology Center.

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