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What is SoftChalk?

Softchalk allows you to easily create engaging web lessons or electronic texts. It allows you to add interactive games, quiz questions and pop-up text annotations. Softchalk Create is the desktop software program, available for PC or Mac, used to produce a Softchalk lesson.

How do I get SoftChalk Create? 

To get the SoftChalk Create application, visit the IT Software Downloads Page and download "Softchalk 8." The campus has a site license for SoftChalk Create (version 8) for faculty and staff use. 

How do I share my Softchalk lesson with students?

Softchalk lessons can either be added to your Moodle course site as a "SCORM package" (available only to students enrolled in the class) or stored in the "public_html" folder on your CSUN WebDrive (available to anyone with the link).

What training is available at CSUN?

The Faculty Technology Center offers a Creating Digital Content workshop, which provides an overview of Softchalk and various related tools. Creating Digital Content is scheduled throughout the semester. Please check our Training Schedule for dates and times. If you would like to request an individual consultation on techniques and best practices for using Softchalk, please contact the Faculty Technology Center directly. 

How can I learn more about Softchalk?

Visit the SoftChalk website for demonstrations, user guides, short courses, workshops, quick tour videos and their Innovators in Online Learning webinar series. 

How can I get more help?

If you have questions, please contact the Faculty Technology Center.

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