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Student Moodle Help - How do I access a Collaborate session in Moodle?

From the course homepage, locate the Collaborate session and select the Collaborate session name.

On the following page, the start/end date and time of the Collaborate session is displayed. In addition, any instructions or details provided by your instructor will be listed.

Select the Join Session link to enter the Collaborate session. You will be prompted to download a java web start application. Select Trust, Run and/or OK to all the pop-ups to download and run the java web start application.

If Join Session link is not present, then make sure that the session has not already ended by reviewing the start/end date and time to make sure you have selected the correct Collaborate session.

If you find that this is the correct Collaborate session and it has not started yet and the Join Session link is not present, then you may have to wait until closer to the start of the session to gain entry. By default, Collaborate creates a 15 minute Boundary Time (Boundary time allows users to access the session before its specified start time in order to properly configure their audio settings and make sure they have the necessary software installed). However, instructors may change this Boundary Time to a different time limit.

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