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myCSUNtablet Workshops

The following myCSUNtablet workshops are available for faculty in the myCSUNtablet initiative. Accessibility training will be embedded throughout the workshops. To view workshop schedule and register, faculty should view the Workshops link in the myCSUNtablet Faculty Moodle site or view the entire Workshop Calendar here.

iPad Essentials and Beyond

For the new and experienced iPad user, this workshop covers how to set up and navigate your iPad, manage files, store data, find apps and content, accessibility settings, and general productivity. Taught by Apple and/or Faculty Technology Center staff. If you have specific questions or topics you would like covered, feel free to submit them to in advance. Open to faculty and staff.

Pedagogical Considerations when Teaching and Learning with Tablets

This workshop explores the pedagogical implications of using tablets in instructional activities. Faculty will be asked to reflect on the following set of questions: Who are the users? What do they know? How will tablets help them acquire, analyze, synthesize, and evaluate course content? How will tablets mediate/moderate the learning that occurs in the classroom? What is the distinction between the outcomes and processes of in-class activities and course assignments of tablet courses and non-tablet courses?

Creating Digital Content (Multimedia Tools)

Workshop covers tools used to create eTextbooks and other forms of digital content. Focuses on iBooks Author and programs in the iLife Suite (iMovie, iPhoto and Garageband), with others as needed. Taught by representatives from Apple. This is a hands-on session, so be sure to bring your Mac and iPad. Open to faculty and staff.

Tablet Times

These are informal workshops focused on teaching with iPads led by CSUN faculty or Apple experts. Each session will cover a different tip or technique. Bring your questions and interact with your colleagues in a relaxed, informal setting. If you have specific questions or topics you would like covered, feel free to submit them to in advance. Aimed at faculty but open to all.


Apple’s iPad Essentials website provides information on a number of topics, including iPad basics, troubleshooting, and iPad Internet connectivity.

Faculty and staff have access to through a CSUN license. To access the CSUN Lynda courses, visit and sign in with your CSUN User ID and password or access the site through the myNorthridge portal. (Note that you cannot access the CSUN content through the Web address.)