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myCSUNtablet Assessment

As the myCSUNtablet initiative continues to unfold, its impact on student learning will be evaluated at regular intervals. We are especially interested in the degree to which the tablet encourages student achievement of course learning outcomes and its support of continuous learning.

Student achievement of learning outcomes and the impact of the tablet on courses are assessed in a variety of ways. Evidence of student learning across tablet and non-tablet sections are gathered using HOT (Hybrid, Online, Traditional) direct assessment methods. Faculty identify common learning outcomes across sections of varying modalities and evaluate student work using a shared rubric. In addition, there is rich indirect assessment of both students and faculty through vehicles such as group and peer interviews, surveys, and focus groups. We are especially interested in how student responses in indirect assessment correlate with what analytics tell us about device types used and time on task.

Assessment of student learning works hand-in-hand with faculty development. Faculty are encouraged to convene periodically, either within or across departments, to share thoughts, breakthroughs, new apps, lessons learned, and student/learner outcomes.