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Accessibility Group

Overview & Responsibilities:

The Accessibility Group is an ad-hoc working group reporting to the Executive Technology Steering Committee, and will provide recommendations regarding:

  • campus training needs related to accessibility;
  • the most concerning current uses of materials and technologies that are not yet accessible;
  • the available and needed resources for assisting faculty and staff in selecting accessible products and/or making materials and technologies accessible;
  • workable standards for documenting alternative accommodation plans; and
  • other actions that could be taken to insure that accessibility considerations become common business and educational practices.

Membership (appointed annually by ETSC):

Group Members: FY 2014 – 2015

Jodi JohnsonRepresentative from Disability Resources and Educational Services (co-chair)
Ernie PerezDirector, Instructional Technology, Information Technology (co-chair)
Sue CullenRepresentative from Universal Design Center
Jennifer Kalfsbeek-GoetzRepresentative from Extended Education
Sean GogginRepresentative from Center on Disabilities
Patrice WheelerRepresentative from Disability Resources and Educational Services
Jim MacalusoRepresentative from National Center on Deafness
Paul SchantzRepresentative from Student Affairs IT
Rachel Friedman-NarrFaculty representative for Special Education appointed by the Provost

Meeting Schedule:

Recurring meeting schedule determined by the group.

Committee Classification:

Advisory to ETSC.