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Full-Day Redesign

Full-Day Course Redesign Essentials Workshop

Course Redesign, faculty in the classroom

This intensive workshop, modeled on the successful two-week Course Redesign Institute, will offer departments an accelerated, customized format that enables faculty to attend as cohorts. The session brings departments the essential tools, resources and peer community that faculty need to begin converting their face-to-face courses into hybrid, online or technology-enhanced versions.

What will be covered?

The workshop will cover a variety of topics related to course redesign, including:

  • principles for quality online learning and teaching
  • strategies and techniques for redesigning courses
  • choosing learning technologies to employ in courses
  • best practices for efficient facilitation

Topics not covered fully in the Essentials workshop (e.g., library resources, universal design, faculty development, technical aspects of certain tools) can be pursued in-depth via a specially designed Moodle resource site containing rich online multimedia materials.

How do I sign up or get more information?

The full-day Course Redesign Essentials workshop can accommodate a total of 20 faculty members. Interested faculty or department chairs should contact the Faculty Technology Center to discuss participation and find the best possible schedule for the group. The workshop would be delivered contiguously over one work day (9AM - 5PM) with ongoing resources and support made available to participants. All attendees are expected to be proficient with Moodle and/or take the necessary Moodle workshops beforehand to get up to speed before attending the Redesign Essentials workshop.

For more information or questions, please contact Deone Zell or Hillary Kaplowitz.