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Faculty Moodle Help - I want to have a live web session where I can interact with my students. How do I do that?

We currently offer two forms of live web sessions you may use to communicate with your students.

Collaborate - Collaborate is a real-time virtual environment designed for e-learning and collaboration. It adds live discussions and dynamic interaction to non real-time learning environments, allowing instructors and students to text chat, talk over the Internet, share whiteboards and applications and record sessions for playback at a later time. Collaborate is currently integrated with Moodle and sessions can be created via Moodle under the Add an activity or resource link.

Moodle Chat activity - Moodle contains a built-in Chat activity module that allows participants to have a real-time synchronous discussion via the web. The chat tool is recommended for small synchronous interactions, such as office hours, small group discussions and other activities without too many simultaneous participants. The Chat module contains a number of features for managing and reviewing chat discussions. For larger synchronous class meetings we recommend that you use Collaborate as it has more robust tools. A Chat activity may be added under the Add an activity or resource link.

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