Apply to CSU-IP

Application deadline

The application deadline for California State University International Programs (CSU IP) is February 1 each year for all countries except Australia and South Africa.  The deadline for Australia and South Africa is May 1 each year.

The best way to find out more information about CSU IP is to attend a FREE information session.  Information sessions are held twice a week during the Fall semester.  To obtain dates for fall information sessions, please contact Juliet Aylmer, NSE Advisor via email in the Fall semester, or visit the International & Exchange Student Center, USU (opposite the Computer Lab) in the Fall.


Students must have a minimum GPA of 2.75 to apply for most countries. However, Australia and the United Kingdom require a GPA of 3.0.

Typically, students are in their junior year when they study abroad. However, some of the programs are open to sophomore students. Ask Juliet Aylmer for more information, or attend an information session offered in the fall semester.

Language requirements

For some countries, there is a minimum language requirement. Please attend an information session to find out more, or see the FAQs section.

Application Fee

It is free to apply to the California State University International Study Abroad program.

Cost, Financial Aid and Scholarships

You pay CSUN tuition fees, not overseas university tuition fees. The total amount of money that students spend varies from country to country. An estimate of the costs for each country can be found on the California State University International Programs website. On the website, select your major or country. You can find full information at the tabs at the top of the page — Overview, Eligibility, Costs, Academic Programs and Living Abroad. You can attend an information session to help you in the research process.  

Furthermore, if you currently receive financial aid, you will continue to receive it for uses related to your continuing education abroad.

Financial aid information and scholarships

To help students reach their goals in participating in an international study abroad program, we have comprised this list of scholarship searches and financial aid information available online. Please find the one that best fit for your experience.