Student Panels for an International Curriculum and Education allows International students to present information and share experiences from their home country at CSUN classrooms and to a variety of groups in the community. After students have applied and been accepted to the program, they will attend a training session and can begin signing up for SPICE presentations.

Do you want to SPICE up your academic experience by helping students learn about different cultural points of view? Apply to be a SPICE panelist!

Student Panels for an International Curriculum and Education (SPICE) is a program sponsored by the International & Exchange Student Center at CSUN. The SPICE Program consists of a diverse group of International Students who are available to present information on the topics that professors teach in their classes. For each panel presentation, there are typically three International Students, each representing a different country, who present information from the perspective of their home country and culture.

Sample Presentations:

  • Intercultural Communication: Verbal & Nonverbal Communication in Other Countries
  • Environmental Geology: Earthquakes and Volcanoes/ Pollution and Water Quality
  • Sociology of Gender and Sex: Gender Roles & Status of Women in Other Countries
  • Health Science: Women & Health: Women's Health Care in Other Countries

Feedback from SPICE student participants:

"The program gave me the opportunity to have more public speaking experiences which will lead me to be a better speaker. It also made me aware of other important issues around me & improved my research and analysis skills which are vital in college"

"I had the opportunity to interact with people from different cultural backgrounds & address important issues. This is a good way to gain a better understanding of how to work in an international environment"

If you are interested in learning more about the SPICE Program please contact us today!

Download SPICE Panelist Application

Contact us: marta.lopez@csun.edu

Location: International and Exchange Student Center, USU


Thanks for sending the panel. Eric, they were wonderful. The students loved it. I had Aaron Robinson from Car and Driver Magazine out Tuesday. The SPICE panel was a bigger hit. And Robinson brought props – a car and a Lexus rep. So the panel did a great job.
–Professor Michelle Hofmann

Thank you for a tremendous program! These speakers were the best student speakers I've ever had in any class. The students enjoyed this very much.
– Professor George Lough

The speakers this morning were GREAT!!!! The SPICE input was very valuable.
–Professor Janet Marquard-Tormey

I think the SPICE Program is an amazing program. They all had great and interesting stories to tell about their cultures and also were all very proud to be part of the program. I think the most common comment I heard from my students was "I wasn't aware of that". I will definitely continue to request presentations for my class.
-Professor Samar Makarem

I thought the presentations were awesome and I could tell that my students loved them as well. They were very open, very honest, and allowed us to ask WHATEVER we wanted. I'm definitely asking SPICE to come back to my classes. What an unexpected treat!
-Professor Frankie Augustin

The students and I really appreciated the SPICE presentation, because we learned so much from the panel. I've never seen my students so engaged during a presentation! It was a great experience for everyone and I will definitely have the SPICE panel return in the future.
–Professor Sally Kassamanian

My class thoroughly enjoyed the three presenters from India, Tibet and Peru. Each presenter highlighted the unique characteristics of their home culture and made interesting connections to their worlds and the US. My students were thoroughly engaged in the discussions and inspired by their courage to come and share their experiences with us. Thank you so much for this program—it is wonderful!
-Professor Lisa Riccomini

All three of the speakers that came to my class for the SPICE presentation were beyond outstanding!!! This was the best SPICE panel I've ever had in a class, by far. My students learned so much.
–Professor Bridget Sampson