Incoming NSE Students


I look forward to meeting you soon.  In preparation for your arrival at CSUN, please see the advice and information below.


You should already have enrolled in A MININUM OF 12 units, so please check your CSUN Student SOLAR to confirm your enrolment. 

NSE Orientation

NSE Orientation will be held at 12.30pm on Friday August 22nd in the Flintridge Room, University Student Union area (map reference F4 on the campus map  Orientation will end at 2pm.

It is strongly advised that you attend Orientation as it designed to help you find your way around CSUN and the local area and you will find out about the NSE activity!  Please RSVP to NO LATER THAN AUGUST 11.

Housing Check-in date

Housing check-in date is Saturday August 23,  Therefore, you will need to request an early check-in to housing so you can attend Orientation, if you are staying in campus housing.  Please complete the form, scan it and email to

Arriving at LAX

Those of you who do not have friends or relatives to pick you up at the airport can use the Flyaway bus service that stops every half hour right outside the baggage claim area. Please note:, there are THREE destinations, so make sure that your bus is going to Van Nuys (and not Union Station or Westwood).   The departs regularly and goes non-stop to the Flyway Bus Terminal at Van Nuys. Travel time is 50 minutes (depending on traffic) and costs $8.00 one way.  Please note that you can only pay by credit card when you arrive at Van Nuys flyaway terminal.  Please visit for more information.

You will then need to take a taxi from the Van Nuys Terminal to your final destination.

If you are staying in on-campus dorms, the address is 17950 Lassen Street, Northridge.  This is the address you will need to give the Taxi driver.  Do not have your cab wait for you while you check in. One student from New York had the driver wait, and he kept his meter running and the cab fare was $75.00!

The taxi fare from Van Nuys to Student Housing should cost approximately $20.00, depending on traffic.

I look forward to meeting you.

Juliet Aylmer
NSE Advisor

Admission to CSUN

You should receive notification of your admission from the Admissions and Records office by mid-April as long as you have submitted your application form, check and official transcript by April 4. Admissions office may contact you via email or through the mail, so please make sure you check the email address you put on your NSE application regularly. 

Your admission notification will have your ID number as well as a pin number (your pin number could be for example initials and numbers, or first name.last name.some number) and a temporary password to activate your online CSUN account (known as the Web portal). If for any reason, there is not a password listed, please call (818) 677-1400 to receive a password.

Once you activate your account, you will be assigned an automatic CSUN email address. Be sure to check that email frequently because the university will communicate with you through that email address once you are admitted to the university.

On your account, you can access all the information in your records. You will be able to access the schedule of classes, as well as to register for classes when your registration date is due. You may also access financial aid information and more.

Registration Information

Online registration for fall 2014 will begin in June (registration for spring 2015 will begin in November 2014). The schedule of classes will be posted online. You will receive your registration details, containing your registration time and date, directly from Admissions and Records office. Please make sure that you log on to your CSUN web portal to register starting the date and time on your letter. 

Remember that the university including the Admissions and Records office will use your CSUN email address only to communicate any information. 

Pre-Requisite Issues

Due to budgetary constraints, you must be flexible with what classes you can take at CSUN. 

Please read and follow all the instructions below.
Note that these instructions apply to all incoming students who need to prove pre-requisites have been met and who have already submitted an official transcript to Juliet Aylmer, to prove that they have met the pre-requisite.

If a student cannot register for a specific class, it is because departments have his or her restrictions per course or requires the prerequisite to have been met. This will prevent students from registering for that class. However, if a student has already taken the prerequisite class in a prior semester and the grade shows on their transcript, students need to request a permission number directly from the professor teaching the class. If a professor is able to give out a permission number, students can use that permission number to register for the class.

Students can find out what a professor's email address and information is by going to the CSUN home page at, click on People Finder at the top of the Web page. The student needs to email the professor with a copy to and explain they are an incoming NSE student who has taken the pre-requisite class at their home campus and ask for a permission number. Juliet can also email you a support letter to send to the professor, if necessary. Students should see the name of the professor teaching the class when they try to enroll. If there is no name provided for the Professor and it just says Staff, students must call the Department to find out who is teaching the class. To find the department's email address and phone number, students need to go to A-Z (at the top of the web page) and search for the relevant department there.

Our faculty have been receptive to exchange students in the past. There are, however, departments with extreme restrictions as indicated on the NSE website. Those departments include Business and CTVA. Also, please keep in mind that junior and senior level classes cannot be guaranteed for the above. Therefore, students need to flexible with their coursework and be prepared to take some other courses if some don't work out.

If for any reason at student believes their class level or major has not been coded correctly in the system, please email Nick Alexander at and advise him that you are an incoming NSE student and what your correct study level should be.

How To Apply For On-Campus Housing

Remember, you can only apply after you have received your CSUN username and password.

Visit the CSUN's Student Housing and Conference Services website. There, you will see all the information you need with respect to fees and application. Follow directions for applying to housing.

Apply for housing immediately as housing cannot be guaranteed. Housing is allocated on a first-come first-served basis, so you are advised to apply immediately.

When you log on to the student housing website, you will be asked for your CSUN student ID number. Once you enter your information and submit it, the system should ask you to print out your license agreement, complete it and send it in immediately. The housing office must receive your License Agreement and payment by that date. Please make sure your payment is a cashier's check or money order payable to "CSUN Housing."

There is special instruction for "Spring Only" students. Spring students please follow the same instructions, as you will need your CSUN username and password to apply for housing. Housing is not guaranteed and it is on a fist-come first-served basis so sending in your application early would be to your advantage. If you choose to apply for spring housing later, please note that you must do so by Oct. 1, 2014.

Please return your License Agreement and payment directly to the Student Housing and Conference Services office, 17950 Lassen Street, Northridge, CA 91325. This should be your priority... return it immediately! All questions regarding on-campus housing should be directed to DaVon Henson at (818) 677-2160, or via email at

Meal Plan

If you are assigned a room with no kitchen, you have to purchase a Meal Plan. You are also welcome to purchase a Meal Plan if you have a kitchen. If you are only going to be at CSUN for one semester, note that on your application and remember that you will only need to pay half the cost. Visit the Residential Dining website for more information.

NSE Orientation

You will receive information on the orientation date and National Student Exchange (NSE) activity by email closer to the fall or spring semester.

NSE students have been extremely adept in exploring the many cultural experiences Los Angeles offers. We hope you'll find Los Angeles to be a very stimulating area in which to study and explore. We look forward to meeting you when you arrive (instructions on how to get here from the airport will be available on the website later). Feel free to email NSE advisor Juliet Aylmer at if you have any questions or concerns. 

If your question is housing related, please call Student Housing and Conference Services at (818) 677-2160.