Foreign Registration Hold

Foreign Registration Hold

The International and Exchange Student Center (IESC) is responsible for monitoring and lifting the foreign registration hold. All international students will have a foreign registration hold placed on their account at the beginning of each registration appointment period that prevents them from registering for classes.

To get the "foreign" hold removed, students must have completed the following.

  • Release of SEVIS record to CSUN (applies to students who are already in the U.S. with an I-20 from a previous school).

For students who already have a SEVIS I-20 from your previous school, please ask your school to release your SEVIS record to California State University, Northridge (CSUN). Once we have your SEVIS record, our International Admissions and Evaluations office will issue you a new I-20 for your CSUN program.

Please note: If your semester at your current school has not ended, please ask your current school to process the transfer of your SEVIS record with a "future release date" so that we can remove your foreign hold.

  • Email proof of health insurance

You are required to have adequate health insurance as mandated by the California State University Chancellor's office. You may purchase an international student health insurance policy at Once you purchase your insurance policy online, the IESC will automatically receive proof of coverage from the health insurance provider and your foreign hold will be removed. If you already have health insurance that you wish to submit for review, please scan and email your proof of insurance to Please include your first name, last name and CSUN ID number in the subject line of the email. This is the only way you may submit your proof of health insurance. If you are not able to scan and email it to the email address, please contact your foreign student advisor.


Other Types of Holds

In addition to the "Foreign" hold, you must clear all of your other holds before registering for classes on SOLAR.

  • To view all holds: Login to myNorthridge Portal and select Home (tab) > Quick Links (box) > SOLAR Student Center. Hold messages display in a box on the Student Center page. Select “Details” for instructions.
  • To view registration holds only: Login to myNorthridge Portal. Locate hold messages in the “Incomplete Tasks” section of “My Checklist.”

Learn more with the guide View Holds.