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Pre-Req Issues


Note: These instructions apply to all incoming students who need to prove pre-requisites have been met and who have already submitted an official transcript to JULIET AYLMER, to prove that they have met the pre-requisite.

If a student cannot register for a specific class, it is because departments have their restrictions per course or require the prerequisite to have been met. This will prevent students from registering for that class. However, if a student has already taken the prerequisite class in a prior semester and the grade shows on their transcript, students need to request a permission number directly from the professor teaching the class. If a Professor is able to give out a permission number, students can use that permission number to register for the class.

Students can find out what a professor's email address and information is by going to the CSUN home page at, click on People Finder at the top of the web page. The student needs to email the professor with a copy to and explain they are an incoming NSE student who has taken the pre-requisite class at their home campus and ask for a permission number. Juliet can also email you a support letter to send to the professor, if necessary. Students should see the name of the Professor teaching the class when they try to enroll. If there is no name provided for the Professor and it just says Staff, students must call the Department to find out who is teaching the class. To find the Department's email address and phone number, students need to go to A-Z (at the top of the web page) and search for the relevant Department there.

Our faculty have been receptive to exchange students in the past. There are, however, departments with extreme restrictions as indicated on the NSE website. Those departments include Business and CTVA. Also, please keep in mind that junior and senior level classes cannot be guaranteed for the above. Therefore, students need to flexible with their coursework and be prepared to take some other courses if some don't work out.

If for any reason at student believes their class level or major has not been coded correctly in the system, please email Nick Alexander at and advise him that you are incoming NSE student and what your correct study level should be.

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