Foreign Hold

How to Get Your "Foreign" Registration Hold Removed—for Continuing Students

All international students have a "Foreign" registration hold on their account. This hold prevents you from registering in classes.  To get this hold removed, you need to submit proof of adequate health insurance to the International and Exchange Student Center (IESC). Continuing international students who will be enrolling in classes after successfully completing their first or more semesters at California State University, Northridge (CSUN) are strongly advised to follow the steps below in the order listed. Continuing international students are advised totake full advantage of their registration appointment to ensure full-time enrollment.

  1. Review the web portal for information on all registration holds. The IESC is responsible for monitoring and lifting the "Foreign" registration hold only. Other departments are responsible for other holds. (i.e. The Academic department is responsible for the "advisement" hold, the Student Health Center is responsible for the "Measles" hold, etc.)
  2. Review important announcements posted on the IESC website for information and reminders on renewing your documents.
  3. Purchase your health insurance online at Once you purchase your insurance policy online, the IESC will automatically receive proof of coverage directly from the health insurance provider and your foreign hold will be removed.
    • If you are a government sponsored student, please scan and email your Financial Guarantee as proof of health insurance coverage to Please include your first name, last name and CSUN ID number in the subject line of the email.
    • Please note that health insurance policies purchased through alternative providers are subject to review and approval before the Foreign Hold can be removed. This review will require additional time for processing. Such policies must follow the requirements below and must be submitted to Please include your first name, last name and CSUN ID number in the subject line of the email.  The insurance company must issue you a confirmation letter that includes all of the following information:
      • Student’s first and last name
      • Effective start and end date of the policy—students must be covered throughout the entire semester
      • Medical coverage of at least $100,000
      • Emergency evacuation and repatriation coverage of at least $30,000
      • Deductible may not exceed $500
      • Policies that require students to pay for medical services first and then apply for a reimbursement will not be accepted.
      • All information must be translated into English
      • All coverage amounts must be converted to U.S. dollar
      • Insurance cards are not accepted as proof of insurance as it does not include all of the necessary information
  4. Check your I-20 for the expiration date. If your I-20 will expire prior to the start of the following semester, and you have not graduated, you must apply for an "Extension of Stay" before your "Foreign" registration hold can be lifted. A detailed handout regarding the "Extension of Stay" is available on the IESC website.
  5. Prior to enrollment, contact your academic advisor and find out what classes you must enroll in for the upcoming semester. Your academic advisor is part of your academic department or major.
  6. Register in a full course of study (minimum 12 units for undergraduates and 8 units for graduate students) for the upcoming semester and pay your fees in full by the published deadline. Visit the web page for University Cash Services for more information.
  7. Remember that it is your responsibility to enroll full time on the first available date (your registration appointment) and to pay the fees in full by the deadline, and to submit all copies of documents to IESC as quickly as possible.
  8. The add/drop deadline for spring 2013 is Friday, Feb. 8, 2013. This is your deadline to enroll in full-time units.

This is all required in order to report information about your enrollment at CSUN to the Department of Homeland Security.