Please note if you study abroad through an external organization and NOT the CSU IP program, you will do so as an independent student, since external Study Abroad organizations are NOT affiliated with CSUN.

If you study abroad through an external Study Abroad organization, you will need to advise Admissions and Records that you are taking a leave of absence if the program is during the regular CSUN semester period.

If you are studying abroad in a program not offered through CSUN and you want to check in advance that CSUN will accept credit from an international educational institution, you need to check with the relevant staff member in International Admissions, according to your last name,


It may take some time for the classes that you take overseas to be transferred to your CSUN transcript. Therefore, please check the timeframe with the overseas institution. This is especially important if an academic advisor has confirmed that one or more of the courses that you take overseas will count as a pre-requisite for a class you plan to enroll in the following semester. Likewise, if you plan to graduate within six months of returning from studying overseas, please be aware that it can take some time for your courses to be transferred. This may delay your graduation.

To check for GE Credit

If you want to know where you stand with transferrable GE's before you depart for their exchange, complete a Pre-Arranged Credit for International Scholars form. This form must be completed in full and returned to the International Admissions office prior to your departure.

When you return to CSUN, you must submit an official foreign transcript to the International Admissions Office. The International Admissions Office staff will evaluate the official foreign transcript, put their courses in DPR and place their GE courses.

Also, any courses taken at an accredited university (accredited by the country's Ministry of Education) will be added to your DPR (even if the courses are not helpful in terms of moving you toward graduation).

To check for credit in a Major

When you return to CSUN, you must first submit an official foreign transcript to the International Admissions Office. The courses taken overseas are then added to your DPR. If you want a course you have taken overseas to count towards your major, you must contact an Academic Advisor in your department and go through the course substitution process. You will need to provide a course description or syllabus to your Academic Advisor.

Happy travels and work hard!