Interdisciplinary Research Institute for the Sciences

  • Scanning electron micrographs of corroded metal alloys studied by the Dr. Garrett group.
  • Numerical Computation of scattering acoustic problems,
  • Numerical localization of Jones frequencies.
  • Example of Jones modes in a two-dimensional elasto-acoustic problem.
  • Atomic force micrograph of self-assembled microspheres on glass (left) and an x-ray photoelectron spectrometer (right).
  • Cilmate science research project studied by Dr. Klein group.

Interdisciplinary Research Institute for the Sciences

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Spring 2015 Seminars

  • Salmonella in your salad: When a healthy diet has an unintended outcome [Professor Kerry Cooper, Ph.D. Department of Biology California State University, Northridge -- 03/27/2015, 3:30 PM in LO1326]
  • An adhesive organelle confers competitive advantage for bacterial colonization during Rhizobium-legume symbiosis [Professor Joseph Chen, Ph.D. San Francisco State University -- 04/13/2015, 12:00 noon in LO1325]
  • DNA, drug design and salty water - three tales of modeling with 3D-RISM [Professor Tyler Luchko, Ph.D. Department of Physics and Astronomy California State University, Northridge -- 04/24/2015, 3:00 PM in LO1326]