Institutional Research

Special Reports

Periodic Special Reports Prepared by IR Staff

The reports appearing in this section of the IR website discuss a range of data summaries and analyses prepared by various staff members.  They are grouped into several major categories, all of which can be accessed by clicking on the links on the left of the screen.  Once you click on any given one, a list of report titles will appear in this space.  If you click on the plus (+) sign at the end of a particular title, a brief summary of the report appears, along with a link that allows you to bring up the full report.

The major categories used to group the reports housed here are briefly described below.

Reports Focusing on Persistence 

Deal with varied aspects of the topic, ranging from cross-campus comparisons of multiple persistence measures to the retention of specific CSUN subgroups, such as first time freshmen or students planning different majors.

NSSE Reports

Summarize diverse sets of findings emerging from CSUN’s biennial administration of the National Survey of Student Engagement.

Learning Habit Reports

Consider selected data provided by four cohorts of freshmen who entered CSUN during the 2007-11 period.  At the end of each term , all have responded to a series of brief open-ended questions focusing on diverse topics.  These include instructional techniques that students found particularly helpful and the reasons why certain courses were especially useful in strengthening particular academic skills.

Other Reports

Deal with an array of topics, including the most recent findings emerging from The Freshman Survey, a 2008 faculty survey, an examination of CSUN’s top feeder high schools, and a study of student performance on the WPE.