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Humanities Students Poised for Success

Are you interested in pursuing a humanities degree but worried that it might dictate or limit your career possibilities? Don't be! A survey conducted among major U.S. employers in 2013 indicates that humanities grads are among those best poised for long-term success in a practically unlimited range of career options. The study, published in April, reveals that over 90% of hiring executives value solid communication, critical thinking, and intercultural skills over career-specific degree training. And most employers report that they would like to see universities place greater academic emphasis on liberal arts training regardless of major, with 74% of respondents identifying a broad education in the liberal arts and sciences as the best way to prepare for success in today's global economy. Read the full study.

College of Humanities Peer Mentoring Project has been suspended. Please check back for future updates.

The College of Humanities established the Peer Mentors Program with the assistance of Campus Quality Fee funding to help freshmen in challenging GE courses with historically high withdrawal and failure rates. In this program upper-division students who have developed successful learning habits are recruited as Peer Mentors and assigned to select classes to model the academic and life skills necessary to navigate college. Peer Mentors attend all class sessions and build relationships with students under the supervision of specially trained faculty and administrators. They also make themselves available before and after class sessions for students' questions. They emphasize the importance of attendance, time management, class participation, listening and note-taking skills, and use of campus resources. The program's primary goals are to increase passage and retention rates and build academic confidence among first-year students as they transition from high school to college life.

You can apply or learn more about Peer Mentor qualifications and responsibilities here.

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