STARTALK Immersion Program

The Program

About the STARTALK Russian Language and Culture Immersion Program

California State University, Northridge is offering an exceptional opportunity to college students to develop foreign language skills in Russian. This language program is unique because it offers a STARTALK curriculum that promotes and strengthens participating students’ knowledge base and understanding of Russian language and culture and connects the language development of each student with the content in his or her academic discipline via authentic written material and oral interaction in the target language. The program strengthens students’ speaking ability, advances their reading and writing skills, monitors their learning progress, and integrates the Russian language with their knowledge of current affairs.

The Russian Language & Culture Immersion Program is designed to meet the needs of motivated, career-minded students who want to expand their international professional options in an increasingly global workplace and prepares students for potential job opportunities that make use of their Russian language skills.

Students who take advantage of this program will gain cross-cultural experience that will give them a competitive edge in today’s growing international business community. 

Due to the program’s ongoing success, it has been expanded to include college students from around the country. Russian Language & Culture Immersion Program is accepting applications from students at all levels (beginning, intermediate, and advanced Russian).

We are please to announce that the STARTALK CSUN Russian Language & Culture Immersion Program has received the grant for the STARTALK 2014 program.

Accepted students to the 2014 immersion program will be eligible for scholarships that will cover instruction, textbooks, dormitory stay, partial meals, and field trips.

Accepted local students will commute daily to class and will be eligible to receive scholarships that will cover instruction, textbooks, partial meals, and field trips.

The program is a 6-week immersion residential program at CSUN during the 2014 summer session, which will begin on June 8, 2014 and end on July 18, 2014.

The deadline to apply is March 14, 2014.

Residential Immersion

The STARTALK Russian Language & Culture Immersion Program, funded by the National Security Language Initiative, is designed to accelerate students' Russian language development and cultivate deep knowledge of culture, arts, and national identity in modern Russia. During the six-week residential summer program, students interact in the target language 100% of the time, with in-class language instruction; evening and weekend cultural activities; mentorship with native Russian speakers; seminars with experts on Russian culture; and field excursions to Russian cultural venues, businesses, and communities.