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VII CSUN Student Philosophy Conference

Friday, April 15, 2016

Whitsett Room (SH 451)


8:45-9:05   Coffee

9:00-9:05   Conference Opening

                 Prof. Adam Swenson, Associate Chair, Philosophy, CSUN

9:05-9:10   Welcome

Pablo Gómez Forero (Music/Psychology, CSUN), President, CSUN Student Philosophy Society

9:15-10:20   PANEL I:  On the Nature of (Two) Things: Philosophy and Music

 Chair:  Naomi Perez (Philosophy, CSUN)

      9:15-9:30   Ethan Nelson (Philosophy, CSUN):   “Knowledge in Philosophy”

      9:30-9:45   Pablo Gómez Forero (Music/Psychology, CSUN): “Songs, Words, and Brain: Cognitive Approaches to the Relation Between Music and Language”

      9:45-10:00   Commentary by Prof. Weimin Sun (Philosophy, CSUN)

      10:00-10:20   General discussion

10:20-10:30   Coffee break

10:30-11:45   PANEL II: On the (Not-So-Clear) Mind: Fictional Emotions and the Colonized Mind.

  Chair:  Alexandra Yep (Physics M.A. Program, CSUN)

     10:30-10:50    Tyler Pugeda (Mathematics/Philosophy, CSUN): “How Fiction Moves Us: Pretend Theory as Synthesis of Illusory World and Evaluative Characteristics of Fiction”

     10:50-11:05    Cesar Bernal (Philosophy, CSUN): “Awakening the Colonized Mind”

     11:05-11:20    Commentary by Profs. Sarah Hansen and Abel B. Franco (Philosophy, CSUN)

     11:20-11:45    General discussion

11:45-11:55   Coffee break

11:55-12:30   PANEL III: On the Belief in God’s Existence Chair:  Bethany Winkler (Philosophy, CSUN)

     11:55-12:10    Devin George (Philosophy, CSUN): “Do We Need to Revise the Objection?: On Plantinga and His Reformed Objection to Natural Theology”   

     12:10-12:20    Commentary by Prof. Rob Gressis (Philosophy, CSUN)

     12:20-12:30    General discussion

12:30-1:00   Lunch

1:00-1:45    Faculty Keynote Speaker:

              Chair:  Tylar Denson (Philosophy, CSUN)

     1:00-1:30     Prof. Sindhuja B. Bhakthavatsalam (Liberal Studies, CSUN): “Values and Evidence: Some Parallels Between Philosophy and Metaphilosophy of Science”

     1:30-1:45    General discussion

1:45-1:55    Break   

1:55-2:30     (Undelivered) Letters From Abroad: Philosophy in Otherland 

                Chair:  Carlos Chavez Iglesias (Philosophy, CSUN)

                Absenter: Prof. Abel B. Franco (Philosophy, CSUN)

     1:55-2:02        Undelivered Letter #1

     2:03-2:10        Undelivered Letter #2

     2:11-2:18        Undelivered Letter #3

     2:18-2:30    General discussion

2:30-2:35   Break   

2:35-2:45    Luckenbach Award Presentation

                    Prof. Tim Black (Chair, Philosophy, CSUN) 

2:45-3:15    Alumnus Keynote Speaker

                Chair:  Prof. Tim Black (Philosophy, CSUN)

     2:45-3:05    Brad Sarian (B.A. Philosophy, CSUN, 2011): “The Philosopher Pastor”

     3:05-3:15    General discussion       

3:15-3:20   Break

3:20-3:25   Final Remarks

    Josh Dolin (B.A. Philosophy, CSUN, 2015)

3:25-3:30   Thank-Yous and Good-Byes

                       Prof. Abel B. Franco (Philosophy, CSUN)             

4:00-5:30   Barbecue (Northridge Park and Recreation Center) 10058 Reseda Boulevard; Northridge, CA 91325

For more information:
Prof. Abel B. Franco (CSUN, Philosophy)