Annual Student Philosophy Conference

The CSUN Student Philosophy Conference is one of the most anticipated department events of the year. For a full day, students present their work in a professional setting, along with outside speakers, who share their own stories about the value philosophy has added to their lives. The conference ends with lots of food and celebration. Professor Abel Franco, who initiated the tradition, oversees the conference organization.  

At the beginning of the Spring semester, students are invited to present an abstract of a talk they wish to present (link to abstract specifications) at the beginning of the Spring Semester. The faculty select among the applicants, and a program is devised around the selections. Here is the 2015 call for papers: 


CALL FOR PAPERS for the VI CSUN Philosophy Student Conference

 Fri., April 17, 2015


Deadline for Submissions: 

Fri., March 20, 5:00pm


Why should I think about submitting something?

Because philosophy is dialogue.  Because dialogue creates philosophy. Because, after all, we do not have so many occasions to get together and talk about philosophy outside the classroom. Because life does not present so many occasions to test our philosophical ideas….  And because, if all this were not enough, you will be able to add a line to your CV saying you presented at the “VI CSUN Student Philosophy Conference.”

What can I submit?

Anything (i.e. any academic paper), as long as it is of philosophical interest.

How do I prepare a submission?

The submission should be a long abstract (summaries) of the paper. The main text should not be longer than 750 words in length and it should include the following: (1) a clear presentation of the idea/view/thought you plan to defend (or suggest) in your paper; (2) the reasons why you think it is of philosophical interest; (3) the arguments or other support you are going to offer for it; and (4) the main sources (with specific authors and titles) you are (or will be) using and why. All submissions must be sent to . You will be notified by Mon., March 30  about whether your submission has been invited to the conference. If so, you will be requested to submit the full paper (not longer than ten pages) by Fri., April 10, at 5:00pm.

What type of conference is this?

A one-day student conference open to the whole CSUN community. There is no need to be a Philosophy major or minor to submit a proposal or to participate in the conference. The program will be organized around the presentation of about six student papers (which will be selected by a faculty committee in a blind-review process). Each author will have 15 minutes to present, and each presentation will be followed by a commentary by a Philosophy faculty member as well as by a general discussion open to all participants. The conference program will also include, among other things, one alumni and one faculty keynote speaker, and a session with guest speakers on the relevance of philosophy in other disciplines. We will end with a barbecue in a nearby park..


For submissions and more information:

Prof. Abel B. Franco: