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2013/14 Humanities Research Fellow Proposal

Criminalization of Latina Migrants and the Construction of Irrecuperability

Martha D. Escobar, Ph.D.

Today the United States leads the world in incarceration rates, currently imprisoning over 2.3 million people. Critical prison scholars argue that as a society we rely on capturing and warehousing bodies as a "fix" to what are actually social, economic, and political problems (Gilmore 2007). Migrant policing is a site where this trend expands through jailing, detention, and imprisonment. I am submitting this proposal to complete my book manuscript, Criminalization of Latina Migrants and the Construction of Irrecuperability, where I center the criminalization of Latina migrants who increasingly find themselves targets of the state. I consider their criminalization in relation to the U.S. prison regime. Prisons regulate society and perform the labor of population control. As sites designed for social isolation, prisons serve to limit the reproduction of captive bodies. Read the complete summary