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Faculty and Staff Achievements

2014 Don Dorsey Excellence in Mentoring Awards

Professor Mary Pardo, Chair of Chicana/o Studies, was honored for outstanding service to EOP and mentoring of EOP students for the past four decades. She has taught at CSUN since 1978 and is the author of Mexican American Women Activists: History and Resistance in Two Los Angeles Communities. She received her Ph.D. in Sociology from UCLA in 1990, and her areas of expertise focus on women of color and grassroots activism, urban sociology, women and work, and feminist theory.

Also recognized for their achievements were:
Professor Vickie Jensen, Sociology
Emeritus Professor Carol Kelly, Child & Adolescent Development
Posthumus Mentoring Award - Dr. Mack Johnson, Associate Vice President Graduate Studies & International Programs

2014 Volunteer Service Award

Two members of the College of Humanities volunteer community were honored with the annual Volunteer Service Award for their commitment and dedication to the mission of the College and the students we serve: CSUN graduate Griselda Corona ’09 (Chicana/o Studies) and Earl Greinetz, a CSUN parent and devoted community member. (read the article in the Humanities Newsletter)

College of Humanities' Faculty Fellows

2015 - 2016

  • Joseph Wiltberger, Central American Studies
    “Making Our Way: Migration, Community, and Meaning in Transnational El Salvador.” Proposal (PDF)

2013 - 2014

  • Martha Escobar,Chicana/o Studies
    Criminalization of Latina Migrants and the Construction of Irrecuperability
    Article    Proposal (PDF)

2012 - 2013

  • Clement Lai, Asian American Studies
    "The Difference that Difference Makes: Uncovering California's Multiracial Past, Living California's Multiracial Future" Article    Proposal (PDF)


  • Florence Kyomugisha, Professor of Gender and Women's Studies
    "Creating Healthier Families and Communities: Mbarara Mothers Project" Proposal (PDF)

2010 - 2011

  • Ramon Garcia, Chicana/o Studies
    Three Chapters of a Book on Photagrapher Ricardo Valverde Proposal (PDF)

2009 - 2010

  • Nayereh Tohidi, Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies
    "The Women's Movement, Islamism and Democracy in Iran: A Glocal Perspective" Proposal (DOC)

2008 - 2009

47th [2013] Annual Staff Service and Recognition of Excellence Awards

Service Awards

  • Rita Linton (Office of the Dean), 20 Year Award.
  • Bernadette Bohn (Liberal Studies), 15 Year Award.
  • Janaki Bowerman (Asian American Studies/Gender & Women's Studies), 15 Year Award.
  • Noreen Galvin (Office of the Dean), 10 Year Award.
  • Betti Priaulx (Office of the Dean), 10 Year Award.
  • Kathy Kershaw (Office of Interdisciplinary Studies), 5 Year Award.
  • Antonio Gonzalez (Liberal Studies), 5 Year Award.
  • Donald Lilly (MCLL), 5 Year Award.

College of Humanities’ 2012 Polished Apple Award Recipients

Each spring, the University Ambassadors group at CSUN announces the recipients of its Polished Apples Awards, an annual event now in its 17th year. The awards recognize faculty whose teaching and mentoring have positively impacted students’ lives.

  • Ian Barnard, Associate Professor, English
  • Tracy Buenavista, Assistant Professor, Asian American Studies
  • James Findlay, Lecturer, Religious Studies
  • Antonio Gallo, Lecturer, Chicana/Chicano Studies
  • Robert Gressis, Assistant Professor, Philosophy

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  • Marie Cartier (Gender and Women's Studies) presented a lecture titled "Baby You Are My Religion: Butch Femme-Gay Women's Bar Culture from the 1940s to 1980s" at The Center Long Beach as part of the organization's monthly "QSpeak" series on June 25, 2011.
  • Harry Gamboa, Jr. (Chicana/o Studies) The Smithsonian Latino Center and the Smithsonian American Art Museum presented Gamboa's performance art piece "Erased: Limits and Borders" Jan. 27, 2011.


  • Martin Pousson (English) has sold his story, "Wanted Man," to Epoch. The story is a chapter from "The Nerves," Pousson’s novel-in-progress.
  • Nayereh Tohidi (Gender and Women’s Studies) wrote a commentary for Women’s E News entitled "Iran’s Women’s Rights Activists Are Being Smeared." In the September 17 commentary, Tohidi said Iranian women's rights activists have faced smears and arrests in their move to stall a bill easing "polygamy, temporary marriage and male-bias in divorce."
  • Takashi Yagisawa (Philosophy) authored "Worlds and Individuals, Possible and Otherwise," an original contribution that advances the discussion on the metaphysics of modality. Modal realism says that non-actual possible worlds and individuals are as real as the actual world and individuals. Yagisawa defends modal realism of a variety different from David Lewis's theory. The notion of reality is left primitive and sharply distinguished from that of existence, which is proposed as a relation between a thing and a domain. Worlds are postulated as modal indices for truth on a par with times, which are temporal indices for truth. Ordinary individual objects are conceived as being extended in spatial, temporal, and modal dimensions and their transworld identity is explicated by the closest-continuer theory. Impossible worlds and individuals are postulated and used to provide accounts of propositions, belief sentences, and fictional discourse.

Honors and Awards

  • Anna Joaquin (assistant professor, Linguistics) has earned a spot in Diverse Issues in Higher Education’s annual list of the top scholars in the country under the age of 40 making their mark in academia. The list appears in the magazine’s Jan. 2 issue. For more:
  • Everto "Veto" Ruiz (professor, Chicana/o Studies) received the 2013 Dorsey Excellence in Mentoring Award. The Faculty Mentor Training Program and EOP established the “Don Dorsey Excellence in Mentoring Award” in recognition of Professor Dorsey’s invaluable contributions to mentoring and mentor training at CSUN. This award is presented to faculty, staff, administrators, and/or students who have made exceptional contributions to mentoring at CSUN.
  • Denise Sandoval (Chicana/o Studies) won a 2013 IPPY Award bronze medal in the Multicultural Non-Fiction Adult category for Rushing Water, Rising Dreams: How the Arts Are Transforming a Community, (Tia Chucha Press). The IPPY Awards, launched in 1996, are designed to bring increased recognition to the deserving but often unsung titles published by independent authors and publishers.
  • Ana Sánchez-Muñoz (Chicana/o Studies) recieved a 2013 Outstanding Faculty Award from the Omega chapter of Phi Beta Delta, an academic honor society dedicated to promoting international and interdisciplinary education.
  • Evelyn McClave (English) was listed as number 13 on’s 2010–11 list of the top 25 professors at universities across the U.S.

Research and Sponsored Projects

  • Rachel Friedman-Narr (Special Education) and Sharon Klein (English) received $250,000 from the California Postsecondary Education Commission in continuing support of a project entitled "Enhancing Quality with Teachers of Students Who Are Deaf/Hard of Hearing."
  • Marta Lopez-Garza (Chicana/o Studies and Gender & Women’s Studies) completed a documentary entitled "When Will the Punishment End?"

Faculty and Staff Achievements Archive

46th [2012] Annual Staff Service and Recognition of Excellence Awards

Award of Merit

  • Rita Linton (Office of the Dean)

Service Awards

  • Elizabeth Whirledge (Office of the Dean), 30 Year Award.
  • Reyna Campos Kennedy (Office of Interdisciplinary Studies), 10 Year Award.
  • Kathy Kershaw (Office of Interdisciplinary Studies), 5 Year Award.
  • Dante Dadomo (Systems and Technology),
    5 Year Award.
  • Judith Spiegel (Systems and Technology),
    5 Year Award.


  • Yarma Velazquez Vargas (Chicana/o Studies) has received $4,969 from the Judge Julian Beck Learning-Centered Instructional Project Grant for 2009-10 in support of a project entitled “Chicana/o Studies Debate Tournament.”
  • Beatriz Cortez (Central American Studies) the Spanish edition of Aesthetics of Cynicism: Passion and Disenchantment in Central American Postwar Fiction (published by F&G Editores in Guatemala in 2009) .
  • Linda Rader Overman (English) is the author of an essay entitled “Goodbye, Rita Hayworth. Hello, Margarita Cansino,” due to appear in “Reflect, Inform, Persuade: College Writing in the 21st Century,” scheduled for publication by Longman in 2009.
Publications 2004 - 2005 (PDF)
Publications 2005-2006 (PDF)


Honors & Awards
2008 – 2010

  • Tracy Buenavista (Asian American Studies) has received $5,969 from the Judge Julian Beck Learning-Centered Instructional Project Grant for 2009-10 in support of a project entitled “Asian American Studies 453 Course Redesign: Implementing ‘Theatre of the Oppressed’ as a Pedagogical Tool.”
  • Irene Clark (English) has received $5,924 from the Judge Julian Beck Learning-Centered Instructional Project Grant for 2009-10 in support of a project entitled “Academic Argument and Disciplinary Transfer: Fostering Genre Awareness in the First Year Writing Students.”
  • Diana Contreras (Gender & Women's Studies) has been chosen as a Fulbright-Nehru scholar for Fall 2010. For four months she will act as an official "cultural ambassador." She will conduct a series of lectures on the Contemporary Issues of Indian Women at St. Teresa's College part of the Mahatma Gandhi University) in Ernakulam, Kerala. She will also host a Warrior Goddess Diva Women’s symposium.
  • Scott Kleinman (English) has received $4,969 from the Judge Julian Beck Learning-Centered Instructional Project Grant for 2009-10 in support of a project entitled “Discovering the Digital Humanities.”
  • Marta Lopez-Garza (Women’s Studies, Chicana/o Studies) received $10,000 from the California Council for the Humanities, in support of a project entitled “When Will Punishment End? Stories by Formerly Incarcerated Women.”
  • Ana Sanchez-Muñoz (Chicana/o Studies) has received $4,969 from the Judge Julian Beck Learning-Centered Instructional Project Grant for 2009-10 in support of a project entitled “Preserving our Cultural Roots: Engaging Students in the Study of Spanish Heritage Language Maintenance and Loss in the San Fernando Valley.”
  • Elizabeth Say (Dean) has received $2;00,000 from Cal State Long Beach and the Department of Homeland Security, in continuing support of a project entitled “Strategic Languages Initiative.”
  • Vahram Shemmassian (Armenian Studies) was awarded the “William Saroyan Medal” by the Ministry of Diaspora of the Republic of Armenia. The award is in recognition of his contribution to the preservation of Armenian identity in the Diaspora.
  • Jackie Stallcup (English) has won the 2008 Children's Literature Association Article Award in recognition of her essay “‘The Feast of Misrule’: Captain Underpants, Satire and the Literary Establishment”.