Asian American Studies

  • AAS faculty posing for group picture
  • AAS faculty speaking at the podium
  • AAS faculty and students at dinner
  • Derek Tang & Laura Uba with awards
  • Drs. Lai and Shaikh at the podium
  • Phil Hutchison and students
  • AAS Graduation 2016
  • Tomo Hattori at AAAS Conference
  • Lai, Li, Masequesmay
  • Fong, Tang, Carroll, Carroll


Asian American Studies Faculty and Staff

Faculty retreat picture, Fall 2011.
Back row from left to right: Clem Lai, Laura Uba, Edith Chen, Eunai Shrake, Tomo Hattori.
Front row from left to right: Gina Masequesmay, Sandra Stanley, Teresa Williams-Leon, Tracy Buenavista, Ruth Kwon.

Tracy Lachica Buenavista, Ph.D.

Edith Chen, Ph.D.

Tomo Hattori, Ph.D.

Clement Lai, Ph.D.

Gina Masequesmay, Ph.D. (On Sabbatical)

Khanum Shaikh, Ph.D.

Eunai Shrake, Ph.D. (Acting Chair)

Sandra Stanley, Ph.D.

George Uba, Ph.D. [served as interim chair and professor for AAS 220 and AAS 321]

Teresa Williams-León, Ph.D. (Associate Chair & Advisor)