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Alumni & Giving

For AAS Alumni and Friends 

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Dear Alumni and Friends,

The Asian American Studies Department understands that we are not bound by academic walls, but that many of our goals are realized by our connection to a larger API community. For AAS to continue to thrive as a department, it is important that we keep in close contact with alumni and friends.

We have several ways that we encourage you to keep in touch. First of all, we have a CSUN AAS Alumni Facebook page but it has not been that active. We have created a CSUN Asian American Studies Facebook page for current students, faculty, alumni and other interested friends to share information. Second, we have an Alumni Newsletter, and we welcome you to send us news to share with the AAS community. As well, if you have information to update our website, please send it to the webmaster to update our AAS Gallery and to add events to our Archival page. If you have yet to fill out our CSUN AAS Alumni Survey, please do so. Finally, we have constructed an alumni listserv and we would appreciate your help in maintaining and updating this list. Please contact Molly Nguyen to update your email in our alumni listserv.

Group of alumni

We are also very interested in starting an AAS Alumni Chapter. If you wish, you can contribute in a variety of ways:

  1. join the CSUN Alumni Association and identify AAS as your specific chapter;
  2. volunteer to be a member of the AAS Alumni Advisory Board;
  3. volunteer your time to work with students, helping students and alumni to network with each other;
  4. participate in upcoming events;  and
  5. contribute financially.

We want AAS to continue to be a resource to our university and community. We truly welcome and appreciate your interest and dedication to this Department. Please contact the chair on how you can be involved.

Gina Masequesmay, Ph.D.

Chair of Asian American Studies Department