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About the CSUN STARTALK Russian Language and Culture Immersion Program

California State University, Northridge is offering an exceptional opportunity to college students to develop foreign language skills in Russian. This language program is unique because it offers a STARTALK curriculum that promotes and strengthens participating students’ knowledge base and understanding of Russian language and culture and connects the language development of each student with the content in his or her academic discipline via authentic written material and oral interaction in the target language. The program strengthens students’ speaking ability, advances their reading and writing skills, monitors their learning progress, and integrates the Russian language with their knowledge of current affairs. About the STARTALK Program continues

Success Stories - Fernando Vaughn

Fernando is an alumni of the Russian Immersion Program. Two years ago, Fernando began working for Aeroflot Russian Airlines. Currently, he is in Sochi, Russia, translating for the Winter Olympics as part of the Aeroflot team of translators.

Fernando VaughnHello everybody! Most of you already know me, and for those of you who don't, my name is Fernando Cole Vaughn. I'm a student at PCC currently studying linguistics endeavoring to become an English teacher abroad and ultimately a translator. I participated in the SLI program cohort 3, 2010-2011. I'll do my best to make this message short, but I just wanted to take the time to describe the type of experience I had with SLI and express my deepest appreciation to those involved.

Before we joined the program, we were told that it was going to be exceptionally intense, and that the sights we would see abroad in Russia were going to change our lives. They were absolutely right. In the first summer the high quality training we received in grammar and conversational speech was truly invaluable and the perfect foundation for our experience in Russia. Many say that in order to learn a language, you have to truly want it, and this program is the epitome of that saying, because the augmentation of our language skills in regards to the short amount of time we completed everything, is something that can't be acquired by classes or even real life practice alone. read more about Fernando Vaughn