Residential Life Staff

Roles and Responsibilities of Residential Life Staff

  • Associate Director for Residential Life
    • Responsible for overall supervision of the Residential Life office
  • Office Manager for Residential Life
    • Responsible for the daily operation of the Residential Life office
  • Assistant Director for Residential Life
    • Assists overall supervision of the Residential Life office, particularly with emergency response and disaster preparedness, persistence initiatives and leadership coordination. Supervises Community Directors.
  • Coordinator for Residential Student Success
    • Coordinates G.R.E.A.T. Escape, student staff development and selection, the Residential Access Program, and parent partnership programs. As well as supervises the Academic Mentor program, and the Residential Interpreting Services Team.
  • Coordinator for Student Engagement
    • Coordinates large scale programs as well as advises the Executive Board of the Residence Halls Association.
  • Senior Community Directors, Community Directors, Assistant Community Directors and Community Advisors
    • The Community Staff supervise Resident Advisors, advise the Park Councils of each Park Community, facilitate room changes, follow up on safety and security issues and meet with students who have concerns that affect the development or maintenance of a desirable community.
  • Resident Advisors
    • Resident Advisors are the first line of student contact for room or campus concerns. Parents - please contact supervisory staff directly.
  • Academic Mentors
    • Academic Mentors live in each building and assist students in their academic success. They help students create goals to achieve academic success as it applies to each individual student.

Park West (buildings 1-3) - Pacific Willow Hall (building 6) 101

Contact List
 ResponsibilityNameEmail address

Community Director

Nancy Alonzonancy.alonzo@csun.edu

Community Advisor

Patrick Johnsonpatrick.johnson.388@my.csun.edu

Chanterelle 01-110

Eduardo Torreseduardo.torres.783@my.csun.edu

Chanterelle 01-210

Brenda Amboybrenda.amboy.820@my.csun.edu

Chanterelle 01-309

Kiara Draperkiara.draper.109@my.csun.edu

Carrageen 02-108

Shantelle Blackburnshantelle.blackburn.178/@my.csun.edu

Carrageen 02-201

Elisa Brodieelisa.brodie.936@my.csun.edu

Carrageen 02-308

Santiago Torressantiago.torres.927@my.csun.edu

Woodruff 03-110

Alberto Poncealberto.poncefranco.347@my.csun.edu

Woodruff 03-209

Roxana Viramontesroxana.viramontes.744@my.csun.edu

Woodruff 03-309

Jasmyne Vealjasmyne.veal.998@my.csun.edu

Park North (buildings 4-8) - Pacific Willow Hall (building 6) 102

Contact List
 ResponsibilityNameEmail address

Senior Community Director

Isaiah Greenisaiah.green@csun.edu

Assistant Community Director


Burdock 04-101

David Kuchardavid.kuchar.204@my.csun.edu

Burdock 04-213

Star Rendezstar.resendez.446@my.csun.edu

Burdock 04-308

Alwayne Spenceralwayne.spencer.543@my.csun.edu

Southernwood 05-108

Trevor Jacobstrevor.jacobs.319@my.csun.edu

Southernwood 05-201

Luis Mataluis.mata.834@my.csun.edu

Southernwood 05-308

Andrea Vegaandrea.vega.190@my.csun.edu

Pacific Willow 06-201

Vanessa Galvanvanessa.galvan.309@my.csun.edu

Pacific Willow 06-308

Zachary Campbellzachary.campbell.258@my.csun.edu

Torrey Pine 07-108

Zachary Harlesszachary.harless.157@my.csun.edu

Torrey Pine 07-206

Ashley Wagnerashley.wagner.521@my.csun.edu

Torrey Pine 07-308

Ashlee McHenryashlee.mchenry.272@my.csun.edu

Bayberry 08-110

Paola  Cervantespaola.cervantes.550@my.csun.edu

Bayberry 08-203

Kaya Tillerykaya.tillery.804@my.csun.edu

Bayberry 08-309

Josh Forbesjoshua.forbes.663@my.csun.edu

Park East (buildings 9, 10, 12 and 15) - Pacific Willow Hall (building 6) 109

Contact List 
 ResponsibilityNameEmail address

Senior Community Director

Roger Chapman-Custerroger.chapman-custer@csun.edu

Assistant Community Director

Crystal Murguiacrystal.murguia@csun.edu

Pinon 09-114

Carly Sarnocarly.sarno.621@my.csun.edu

Pinon 09-213

Monica Donkormonica.donkor.940@my.csun.edu

Pinon 09-308

Tolulope Sundaytolulope.Sunday.786@my.csun.edu

Valley Oak 10-110

Carl Edmondcarl.edmond.138@my.csun.edu

Valley Oak 10-204

Juana Perez Vasquezjuana.perezvazquez.71@my.csun.edu

Valley Oak 10-309

Myriah Henderson-Baskinmyriah.hendersonbaskin.339@my.csun.edu

Saguaro 12-107

Thelmari Raubenheimerthelmari.raubenheimer.926@my.csun.edu

Saguaro 12-207

Chidozie Uzorchidozie.uzor.99@my.csun.edu

Saguaro 12-307

Thais Arrudathais.cardosoarruda.174@my.csun.edu

Saguaro 12-407

Zachary Ghamlouchzachary.ghamlouch.535@my.csun.edu

Bougainvillea 15-107

Ariel Thomas-Riversariel.thomasrivers.870@my.csun.edu

Bougainvillea 15-207

Luis Rivasluis.rivas.411@my.csun.edu

Bougainvillea 15-307

Kealin Jacksonkealin.jackson.425@my.csun.edu

Bougainvillea 15-407


Park South (buildings 11, 13 and 14) - Pacific Willow Hall (building 6) 101

Contact List
 ResponsibilityNameEmail address

Community Director

Jazmin "JD" Dantzlerjazmin.dantzler@csun.edu

Community Advisor

Aneidra Carrionaneidra.carrion.919@my.csun.edu

Lupin 11-101

Denise Gonzalezdenise.gonzalez.723@my.csun.edu

Lupin 11-208

James Vujames.vu.502@my.csun.edu

Lupin 11-308

Jasmine Brownjasmine.brown.937@my.csun.edu

Lupin 11-317

Brian Walkerbrian.walker.360@my.csun.edu

Lupin 11-317

Greg Wilsongregory.wilson.995@my.csun.edu

Lupin 11-101

Dana Litesdana.lites.225@my.csun.edu

Rose Crown 14-107

Jhaleel Hilljhaleel.hill.238@my.csun.edu

Rose Crown 14-207

Amanda Nietoamanda.nieto.853@my.csun.edu

Rose Crown 14-307

Amanda Egbuamanda.egbu.175@my.csun.edu

Rose Crown 14-407

Preston Nowakowskipreston.nowakowski.681@my.csun.edu

Suites North (buildings 16 and 17) - Mariposa Hall (building 18) 104

Contact List
 ResponsibilityNameEmail address

Senior Community Director

Steph Kaneensteph.kaneen@csun.edu

Assistant Community Director

Jacqueline Spitzackjacqueline.spitzack@csun.edu

Mariposa 16-110

Tabitha Sancheztabitha.sanchez.852@my.csun.edu

Mariposa 16-210

Madelyn Aikenheadmadelyn.aikenhead.540@my.csun.edu

Mariposa 16-310

Daisy Pimenteldaisy.pimentel.355@my.csun.edu

Mariposa 16-410

Gabrielle  Browngabrielle.brown.27@my.csun.edu

Toyon 17-107

Genesis Barragagenisis.barragan.453@my.csun.edu

Toyon 17-126

Alex Salazaralexander.salazar.351@my.csun.edu

Toyon 17-207

Brezauna Burnettbrezauna.burnett.25@my.csun.edu

Toyon 17-226

Kristen Nowakowskikristen.nowakowski.68@my.csun.edu

Toyon 17-307

Justin FloresJustin.flores.379@my.csun.edu

Toyon 17-326


Toyon 17-407

Christian Iwuomachristianiwuoma@gmail.com

Toyon 17-426

Victoria Ruizvictoria.ruiz.490@my.csun.edu

Suites South (buildings 19, 20 and 21) - Mariposa Hall (building 18) 101

Contact List
 ResponsibilityNameEmail address

Senior Community Director

Michele Davismichele.davis@csun.edu

Assistant Community Director

Vianey Ramirez vianey.ramirez@csun.edu

Sycamore 19-118

Evyan Greenevyan.green.121@my.csun.edu

Sycamore 19-218

Jessica Masekjessica.lynn.461@my.csun.edu

Sycamore 19-318

Geoffrey Holmesgeoffrey.holmes.717@my.csun.edu

Sycamore 19-418

Tashayna Youngtashayna.young.196@my.csun.edu

Ironwood 20-102

Brett Copelandbrett.copeland.284@my.csun.edu

Ironwood 20-202

Lugardo Chavezlugardo.chavez.824@my.csun.edu

Ironwood 20-302

Christian Martinez Ayalachristian.martinez.36@my.csun.edu

Ironwood 20-402

Linda Garcialinda.garcia.993@my.csun.edu

Shore Pine 21-209

Jacqueline De La Torrejacqueline.delatorre.725@my.csun.edu

Shore Pine 21-309

Latysha Hadidjajalatysha.hadidjaja.666@my.csun.edu

Shore Pine 21-409

Yessica Santanayessica.santana.6@my.csun.edu

Shore Pine 21-509

Jeremy Mauritzenjeremy.mauritzen.63@my.csun.edu

Apartments at University Village

Contact List
 ResponsibilityNameEmail address

Community Director

Nancy Alonzonancy.alonzo@csun.edu

Community Advisor

Ebony Harperebony.harper.981@my.csun.edu

UVA Building C-10

Amore Thompsonamore.thompson.632@my.csun.edu

UVA Building E-06

Yahana Thomasyahana.thomas.333@my.csun.edu

Academic Mentor Program - Pacific Willow Hall (building 6) ResLife Office

Contact List
 ResponsibilityNameEmail address


John Rodriguezjohn.rodriguez@csun.edu

Graduate Assistant



Adrianna Bennettadrianna.benett.426@my.csun.edu


Chiemelie Onyekonwuchiemelie.onyekonwu.721@my.csun.edu


Luz Tellezluz.tellez.168@my.csun.edu


Jazmine Cablejazmine.cable.9@my.csun.edu


Chantel DonkorChantel.donkor.769@my.csun.edu


Shelby BufordShelby.buford.950@my.csun.edu


Elizabeth Ramirezelizabeth.ramirez.77@my.csun.edu


Gerardo Mendezgerardo.mendez.642@my.csun.edu


Mark Swansonmark.swanson.81@my.csun.edu




Mikael Mansinimikael.mansini.705@my.csun.edu


Mehran Nazarianmehran.nazarian.369@my.csun.edu




Joao Jaeger 


Michael Kimmichael.kim.931@my.csun.edu


Keven Acevedokeven.acevedo.392@my.csun.edu


Adisa Ptahadisa.ptah.993@my.csun.edu


Elizabeth Perez-Monarrezelizabeth.perezmonarrez.158@my.csun.edu


Jaime Lunajaime.luna.873@my.csun.edu


Raquel Velazcoraquel.velazco.181@my.csun.edu


Edith Monreal-Rangeredith.monreal.782@my.csun.edu

Other Residential Life Staff - Pacific Willow Hall (building 6) 104

Contact List

Melissa Giles

Associate Director for Residential Life(818) 677-6111


Assistant Director for Residential Life(818) 677-4257

Mathew Soto

Coordinator for Student Engagement(818) 677-6115

John Rodriguez

Coordinator for Student Success(818) 677-6113

Liberty Freeman

Office Manager for Residential Life(818) 677-2587