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Department of Recreation and Tourism Management, CSUN

Recreation & Management: Minor

The minor in Recreation and Tourism Management provides a basic framework of skills and knowledge with regard to the theory and management of recreation and leisure services. Students completing the minor will be able to understand the overall field and provide limited recreation services in related fields.

Required Core Classes
Course Title Units
RTM 202/L Planning Programs and Events for the Recreational Experience/Lab 2/1
RTM 204 Foundations of Therapeutic and Special Populations 3
RTM 251 Recreation & the Natural Environment 3
  Select from one of the three following emphasis areas  
RTM 305 Dynamics of Childhood Play (OR) 3
RTM 352 Play and Human Development 3
  Total Units 12


Electives: 12units to be selected from the following courses
Course Title Units
RTM 280 Organizing Campus Recreation and Sport 3
RTM 300 Recreation and Community Development 3
RTM 302 Dynamics of Leadership in Recreation & Human Services 3
RTM 305 Dynamics of Early Childhood Play 3
RTM 314 Leisure Aspects of the Hospitality Industry 3
RTM 351 Outdoor & Environmental Education 3
RTM 352 Play and Human Potential 3
RTM 405 Play and Exceptional Child 3
RTM 415 Leisure and Aging 3
RTM 431 Leisure Education 3
RTM 444 Nonprofit Organizations & Fund Development in Leisure/Human Services 3
RTM 480 Recreational Tourism: Issues and Trends 3
RTM Special Topics 3
  Total Units 15

Total Number of units in the TR Option Program: 24

Department of Recreation and Tourism Management, Redwood Hall, 18111 Nordhoff St, Northridge CA 91330-8269 / Phone: 818-677-3202 / Fax: 818-677-2695

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