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Department of Recreation and Tourism Management, CSUN


The field of Recreation & Tourism Management represents a $400 billion industry. Career opportunities are diverse because of the many industries that comprise the Recreation and Tourism Management field today.

Review the list of job titles and specialties or explore our links to current job listings.

Play, Recreation and Leisure Services professionals directly influence the quality of life of those who participate in recreational endeavors by encouraging and facilitating the effective use of leisure time throughout the life span. Our graduates serve people at all stages of life, in settings as diverse as youth agencies, national parks and forests, theme parks, convention, sporting-event and entertainment centers, military bases, hospitals and pre-school and elder care facilities.

Play, Recreation and Leisure Services Professionals plan and manage play and recreation programs/facilities for the general public or private sector organizations-both non-profit and for profit. They work with children, the elderly, employee groups, special interest groups, tourists and many others.

Do you desire to serve people by using play and recreation to enhance their quality of life?

Would you like to help create or change communities?

Do you want to utilize play and recreation as a therapeutic or educational intervention?

If so, then this is the career for you!

Recreation is big business worldwide. Commercial Recreation and Tourism Management careers offer many employment opportunities for those with knowledge of the psychology and social foundations of play and recreation combined with knowledge of business operations, and effective "people" skills. From sport management companies to cruise ships to eco-adventure tours to hotel management positions; the opportunities abound .

Employment outlook is expected to increase rapidly through the next decade. The demand for Recreation Therapists will experience faster than average growth through the year 2005 because of increasing need for long term care, physical and psychiatric rehabilitation. The demand is already present for Recreation Specialists who can conduct activity programs for special groups, such as the emotionally disturbed or at risk youth.

This expansion is due to a dramatic increase in leisure time and income for the population as a whole - and especially because of the aging of the "baby boomer" generation. These factors combined with a continuing interest in fitness, wellness, and health mean that assisted living centers, retirement and senior centers and communities as well as vacation communities will require highly qualified professionals in the coming years.

New employment opportunities will also arise in human services agencies such as youth centers, halfway houses, children's homes, and day care programs for the mentally and developmentally disabled

Employment prospects for graduates in Recreation & Tourism Management are best for those who:

Are flexible in considering job opportunities

Have obtained related work experience

Develop expertise in a particular specialty

Accept a part time or seasonal position that may well lead to full-time employment

Like to Network, since many positions are filled through being active in the field and knowing people working in it.

Job Titles and Specializations

Typical jobs titles and specialties for Leisure Services Professionals include:

  • Recreation Leader
  • Recreation Superintendent
  • Recreation Specialist
  • Recreation Specialist
  • Outdoor Specialist
  • Special Events Planner
  • Camp Director
  • Leisure Time Specialist
  • Recreation Programmer
  • Fitness Specialist
  • Director of Parks and Recreation
  • Nature Interpreter
  • Aquatics Specialist




Related Jobs

Related job titles in the commercial recreation, hospitality, and tourism mangement industry include:

  • Adventure Travel Coordinator
  • Club Manager
  • Condo Social Director
  • Cruise Ship Activity Director
  • Customer Relations Worker
  • Convention Coordinator
  • Hotel Manager
  • Equipment Sales Person
  • Restaurant Manager
  • Camp Director
  • Concert Promoter
  • Tour Guide
  • Tournament Planner
  • Park Attendant
  • Travel Agent
  • Flight Attendant
  • Resort Manager
  • Entrepreneur

Career Opportunities

Career opportunities exist in a wide variety of other areas including:

  • Community Education
  • Correctional Recreation
  • Cultural Arts
  • Fund Development Director
  • Facility Management
  • Military Recreation
  • Intramural/Recreational Sports
  • Outdoor Recreation/Education
  • Recreation Foster
  • State Park Management
  • Student Unions
  • Religious Youth Worker
  • Travel and Tourism
  • Voluntary Agencies/Youth Organizations
  • Youth Sports

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