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Adapted Exercise

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The Adapted Therapeutic Exercise program offers individualized and group sessions utilizing over 100 accessible and adapted exercise equipment.


Aquatic Exercise


The Aquatic Therapeutic Exercise program provides individualized aquatic sessions and group exercise classes using four distinctively designed pools.

Clinical Research

The Center of Achievement is committed to providing evidence-based interventions and extending scientific knowledge to a larger community through clinical research. The Center is actively engaged in collaboration with various health professionals and science communities through grant projects, research publications, and conference presentations.

The APA and Motor Performance Laboratory in the Center is equipped with various biomedical research tools, including a 3D motion analysis system (Vicon), dynamic posturographic balance equipment (NeuroCom), a underwater motion analysis system, a telemetric metabolic system (Cosmed), and a strength dynamometer (Biodex).

The Center faculty and graduate researchers regularly participate and present research projects in professional meetings in APA, sports medicine, and rehabilitation. Additionally, the Center hosts various workshops, conferences, and certification training classes in association with major health and disability organizations. Listed are the excerpts of research projects recently presented:

clinical research

- O'Connor, J., Vrongistinos, K., Jara, M. & Jung, T. (June, 2012) “The Effects of Aquatic Exercise on Balance Outcomes in Children with Cerebral Palsy" NASPSPA, Honolulu, HI NASPSPA

- Wee, S., Lai, B., Vrongistinos, K., Jara, M. & Jung, T., (May, 2012) “Cardiorespiratory Responses to Continuous Passive Motion Exercise in People with Spinal Cord Injury" ACSM, San Francisco, CA

- Katase, A., Romack, J., Nishyori, R., & Jung, T.,, (June 2011) "The Influence of Additional Cognitive Function on Motor Performance among People with Brain Injury" Denver, CO

- Jara, M., Kawasaki, M., Stecyk., S. & Jung, T., (July, 2011) “The Effects of Aquatic Exercise on Balance of People with Parkinson’s Disease” ISAPA, Paris, France

- Ozake, Y.*, Vrongistinos, K., Jaque, V.  & Jung, T., (June, 2010) “Cardiorespiratory Responses during Aquatic Treadmill Walking in Post-Stroke” ACSM, Baltimore, MD

- Nishyora, R. *, Vrongistinos, K., & Jung, T., (May, 2010) “3D Gait Analysis of Aquatic Walking with Additional Weight in People Post-Stroke” GCMAS, Miami, FL

- Jung, T., Godina, P.*, Ozaki, Y.*, Nishryori, R.*, & McGraw, D.* (November, 2009) “Adapted Fitness Programs for Your Students with Disabilities” NAPEC, Asilomar, CA

- Kawasaki, M.*, Vrongistinos, K., Jara, M. & Jung, T., (May, 2009) “The Effects of Aquatic Exercise on Postural Stability of People with Parkinson’s Disease” ACSM, Seattle, WA

- Charalambous, C.*, Lee, D.*, Vrongistinos, K. & Jung, T. (March, 2009) “Biomechanical Analyses of Aquatic Treadmill Walking in Individual with Stroke” GCMAS, Denver, CO

- Ray, L.*, Ozake, Y.*, Godina, P.*, & Jung, T. (September, 2008) “Physiological Responses to Adapted Cardiovascular Exercise in Spinal Cord Injury” NAFAPA, Indianapolis, IN

- Kenton, K.*, Saluja, K.* & Jung, T., (September, 2008) “The Effects of Cool Pool Exercise on Gait in Individuals with Multiple Sclerosis” NAFAPA, Indianapolis, IN

- Lee, D.*, Charalambous, C.*, Vrongistinos, K. & Jung, T. (May, 2008) “The Use of Ankle Weight for Aquatic Gait Training in People Post-Stroke: 3D Underwater Gait Analysis” ACSM, Indianapolis, IN

- Saluja, K.*, Kenton, K.*, Vrongistinos, K. & Jung, T., (May, 2008) “The Effects of Aquatic Exercise on Muscular Strength and Endurance in MS” ACSM, Indianapolis, IN

- Jung, T., Narasaki, M*., Oglesby, C., & Vrongistinos, K. (July, 2007)  “Aquatic Treadmill Walking at Various Water Depths for Individuals with Traumatic Brain Injury,” ISAPA, Sao Paulo, Brazil