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Adapted Exercise

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The Adapted Therapeutic Exercise program offers individualized and group sessions utilizing over 100 accessible and adapted exercise equipment.


Aquatic Exercise


The Aquatic Therapeutic Exercise program provides individualized aquatic sessions and group exercise classes using four distinctively designed pools.

Academic Programs

The Center of Achievement prepares future health & rehabilitation professionals through its comprehensive academic curriculum and service programs.

Undergraduate courses offer introductory level classes in adapted therapeutic exercise (KIN 311/L) and aquatic therapeutic exercise (KIN 313/L) where students learn basic principles and applications. In the laboratory classes, students implement adapted exercise and aquatics programs under clinical supervision. Students often choose to accumulate additional hands-on experience working either as an intern or student staff once completing prerequisite courses.

Upper Division Courses are also available for advanced undergraduate students to learn the evaluation and designing aspects of aquatic therapeutic exercise (KIN 451/L) or adapted therapeutic exercise (KIN 513/L). Students can enroll in clinical internship (KIN 494) or indepedent study (KIN 499) for additional clinical or research experience at the Center.

The Master's program in Adapted Physical Activity (APA) is specifically designed for qualified students who are interested in making significant impact on the quality of life of people with special needs. Knowledge and techniques acquired in the program lead students to successfully develop, implement and evaluate APA programs. In addition, students learn how to conduct scientific research and apply research outcomes to provide evidence-based interventions. For more information, please visit the APA graduate program website: http://www.csun.edu/hhd/kin/apa/

Academic Programs