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Cirque de la Mode: the Apparel Design and Merchandising Student Fashion Show 2012

fairy dress by shimizu

"Fashion is not something that only exists in clothes… it has something to do with ideas, with the way we live, and with what happens around us." - Coco Chanel

Shirley Warren, faculty producer of the annual Apparel Design and Merchandising student fashion show says the above is one of her favorite quotes and that it was an inspiration for the students as they conceptualized the 2012 Spring Fashion show. The Apparel Design and Merchandising students, studying under Senior Design studio faculty Jongeun Kim, and Family and Consumer Sciences faculty members Wei Cao, Hira Cho, Marine Boyadzhyan and Diane Lewis-Goldstein, as well as Warren, demonstrated the Coco Chanel sentiment with Cirque de la Mode, the TRENDS student fashion show for 2012 at the end of the spring semester.

fashion faculty on the runway

The theme based fashion show, Cirque de la Mode (Fashion Circus) featured a variety of student creations in a competition that brought prizes for the top three student designers. "We have a great variety of styles under three categories of contemporary sportswear, romantic sportswear, and special occasion dresses," said Kim. "I am absolutely proud of all 16 designers and confident about their future success."


Shimizu and models on the runway

The designer whose collection took first place was Akane Shimizu (right, with models) for her collection, "A Drag".

"I was born and raised in Tokyo, Japan, until I moved to California to study fashion design here in the states," said Shimizu. "The various styles and edgy fashion in Tokyo and Los Angeles have always caught my eye... the inspirations for my designs come from my roots in the rapidly changing city of Tokyo and the glamorous silver screens of Los Angeles. My desire as a fashion designer is to expose everyone to all fun and playful facets of fashion."



Jessica Bley on the runway with models

Jessica Bley (left, with models) took second place with her collection, "Le'Clair".

"Growing up in rural Wisconsin, my youth was spent exploring the countryside and my creativity," she said. "A love for fashion and nature has driven me to create an environmentally friendly collection that's composed of 100% recycled and natural materials. The Hopi Indians have inspired my collection with their connection to nature through their religious beliefs. I create clothing for free spirited people with an interest in preserving the natural world around them."



brenna hoffman walks the runway with models

Third prize went to Brenna Hoffman (left, with models) for her collection, "SCHTEKRA." Her designs are as much conversation pieces as fashion.

"Stained glass windows inspire my 2012 spring collection," she said. "The focal piece in this collection is made from broken recycled glass. All of the other pieces are designed around that garment. I started sewing ansd selling my pieces at the early age of nine. The first thing I sold was sleeping bags for Beannie Babies. Later, at age 12, it was thongs for classmates who had mothers who wouldn't buy them. Having matured since then, I now create feminine and contemporary clothing made for the customer to express her pulsating creativity and style."

Fashion show student directors Melissa Eisen and Kimberly Reamer expressed gratitude to Dean Sylvia Alva, Associate Dean Marilynn Filbeck, and Interim Department Chair, Tami Abourezk. "Working together was a great experience," the students said, "however we could not have done it by ourselves. We would like to thank everyone who helped make this event a success."

Longtime champion of the TRENDS fashion show and primary sponsor for the program is Joe Vecchiarelli (right, with Dean Alva and emcee, Christopher Schreib), who says he has a special place in his heart for our program, having grown up in the apparel business. He provides support and award prizes for the students, saying that he enjoys helping students, seeing their accomplishments and growing to be active in the apparel business.

Program sponsors included Genlux Magazine, Monique Christina, Craftside, Marinello Schools of Beauty, Academy of Makeup and Fashion, Miss Laverde Makeup, Old Navy, Signorelli Inc., Barbara Fields and Milani Cosmetics.

The Judges were Tracy Ahn, Regional Retail Coordinator for Gerard Darel; Brianne Bear, Public Relations Director for Project Ethos; Ann Fitzpatrick, Director, Fifth Avenue Club for Saks Fifth Avenue, Beverly Hills; Corinne Grassini, Founder of Society for Rational Dress and California-born Fashion Designer; and Brenda Solis, Freelance Designer and CSUN Alum. Masters of Ceremonies were Christopher Schreib and Kimberly Reamer.

- Shirley Warren and Jean O'Sullivan