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College of Health and Human Development

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EBS Healthcare Funds CSUN Scholarship for Speech-Language Pathology Students

speech language pathologists in training

Did you know that 25 percent of the speech-language pathology master's degrees granted in California are from CSUN? A powerful driving force of our students' success in the profession is our community partnerships.

The EBS Scholars Program offers select CSUN Speech-Language Pathology graduate students a two year academic scholarship followed by guaranteed full time employment, with benefits, for the next two years. The program also funds a faculty mentor to guide the EBS Scholars through the transition into the clinical fellowship.

Sylvia A. Alva, Dean of the College of Health and Human Development said the value of community partnerships can't be underestimated. “Our relationship with EBS is an example of how community partnerships strengthen our academic programs,” she said. “We are proud to be aligned with EBS. They are known for excellence in many areas of health and well being, and have a long history of helping shape careers.”

The scholarship recipients for the 2012-13 academic year are master’s degree students, Afsoun Esmailzadeh, Maureen Grady, Reka Kiss and Aleks Milosevic. All are scheduled to graduate in 2013.

faculty amanda brault miller with jean jackson of ebs

For over 30 years, EBS Healthcare has been known as a leader in speech-language pathology services for people from birth to 21 years of age. “This is a tremendous opportunity for our graduate students,” said Department Chair, Dr. Steve Sinclair. “The clinical experience our students get through their work in the Language, Speech and Hearing Center is a strong foundation for successful careers, and the EBS scholarship moves them directly into the profession.”

All Speech Language Pathology graduate students are encouraged to apply in fall or spring for the scholarship. Jean Jackson, Regional Supervisor for EBS Healthcare, said there are a couple of reasons for reaching out to a wide audience of students. “When students apply, we can also look at their applications to see their particular strengths. If a student is not selected, there may be another scholarship for which he or she is a good fit. And there is the possibility that second year graduate students would be selected and funded for one or two years, depending on their graduation timeline.”

“The EBS philosophy is, and has always been, to nurture the talent and excitement of our clinicians, both new and seasoned, with positive continuing education programs, amazing work opportunities,” said Marva Mount, National Director of EBS University. “We are excited to offer clinicians access to the support and mentorship of EBS even before graduation. They have the chance to work with a world class team of top professionals in our field today,” she said.

Melanie Hudson, National Director of EBS, said she is delighted about the latest development in the partnership between EBS and CSUN. “EBS has had a long-standing relationship with CSUN, and we are excited about this unique opportunity to make a difference within the CSUN community,” Hudson said.

EBS Healthcare was founded as a non-profit organization by speech-language pathologists, occupational therapists, physical therapists and special education directors who were committed to making a difference in the lives of others. Through work in homes, schools and clinics, EBS is also known for service, training, mentorship, and support in other healthcare fields including occupational therapy, physical therapy, nursing, special education and school psychology. Hudson added, “EBS believes that exceptional service comes from clinicians who have a passion for helping others, outstanding training, and ongoing support, and we find students like that at CSUN.”

The CSUN Language, Speech and Hearing Center is a non-profit, university-based clinical facility housed in the Department of Communication Disorders and Sciences on the CSUN campus. The Center has provided comprehensive diagnosis and therapeutic services to children and adults with communication disorders since 1960. Today, the Center averages over 12,000 patient visits annually and serves a culturally diverse population which includes infants, children, adolescents, adults and senior citizens.

The College of Health and Human Development offers undergraduate and graduate degree programs in disciplines that prepare students for a wide range of rewarding and dynamic professional careers that enhance and promote the health and well-being of others. Through our teaching, scholarship and service and we promote several unifying values: a commitment to academic quality, student success, community engagement, and educational effectiveness.

- Jean O'Sullivan