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CSUN Night of Fashion April 28th, 2011

---The following was written prior to the CSUN Night of Fashion event as an announcement.

poster for the fashion show same info is in last paragraph of this articleCSUN Night of Fashion Thursday April 28th, 2011 5:00 PM - 8:00 PM - Valley Performing Arts Center

The CSUN Night of Fashion 2011 blends the TRENDS Fashion Show: Style Voyage with the all new Cotton Inc. sponsored Sustainable Cotton Show and Cotton and Sustainability Art Exhibit.

Guests will view student artworks on the plaza prior to a collaboration of student fashion shows in the exciting new venue, then its on to the start of the show as our panel of judges walks the red carpet, leading all guests in for the show to begin.

The primarily student-produced show is a collaboration of faculty and students in the department of Family and Consumer Sciences in the College of Health and Human Development.

“The CSUN Night of Fashion is a culmination of three events into one fabulous evening,” said co-director Apparel Design and Merchandising faculty Shirley Warren. “The annual fashion show is produced by the fashion show production class and sponsored by our student fashion organization, TRENDS. In addition to this year’s show there will be a Sustainable Cotton show and Cotton and Sustainability Student Art Exhibit produced by students and faculty working under a grant received from Cotton Inc.”

models on the runway in the 2010 Trends show

“The TRENDS fashion show carries on a 25 year tradition.” Warren said, “This year’s show, Style Voyage is world tour of fashion where student designers showcase their collections.” It also provides the fashion show production class a unique opportunity to create a theme, develop a logo, train student models, plan and design a stage setting, secure sponsors as well as promote the show. Style Voyage, like previous TRENDS shows, is also a competition.

A panel of industry professionals will be at the show to judge the students’ work. “The judges are interested in innovation, marketability, design detail and composition, from how the students put together their individual pieces of fabric, to the thematic elements of their collections,” Warren said.

Interludes of dance from dancers from the Department of Kinesiology's show, Kinesis: Emerging Choreography Event: an evening of new dance works created by CSUN's top undergraduate dance students will accent the runway presentations shown by seventy five models (dressed by as many dressers).

FCS Apparel Design faculty Wei Cao is co-director the CSUN Night of Fashion and is one of the three co-principal investigators for the Cotton Inc. segment, “Students working on the cotton show are demonstrating the durability, flexibility and beauty of cotton fabrics and textiles through fashion and also through the art work in textile and interior design,” Cao said. “Most people think of cotton for its breathability, and of course its strength, but we think they’ll be surprised when they see rich, flowing, shiny, silky representations of cotton.”

Cao and Apparel Design faculty Jongeun Kim are collaborating with their faculty colleague Kyriakos Pontikis. Kim said “Student designers are developing cotton products to increase the awareness and usage of cotton by creative and innovative application in design element. They tried to extend the cotton’s usual usage to synthetic materials field, which is one of the competitors of cotton. These designers are very enthusiastic about the new challenges.”

inside the valley performing arts center

Pontikis’ students are making the sets for the show, as well as many of the props, utilizing cotton and other sustainable materials. “Student designers in the cotton show will also compete for cash awards,” Kim said, “And some will be offered the opportunity to participate in an international study tour to China in June.” Pontikis added. “Design students are featuring how versatile cotton is,” Kim said. Cao added, “And we really want to impress upon the audience that cotton could be a sustainable material – and that finishes and dyes can also be environmentally sound.”

The show, open to the public (this is a great opportunity to experience the new Valley Performing Arts Center) is directed toward a wide audience, from educators to the community to design industry professionals. “We’re putting cotton at ‘center stage’ through research and practice,” Cao, Kim and Pontikis emphasized, “All semester the students have been learning about the integrative nature of sustainability within the design fields from the academic level to the professional.” Pontikis’ student team is creating the Cotton and Sustainability Student Art Exhibit.

The Sustainable Art Exhibit will feature photographs, paintings, sculptures, garments and other projects that showcase sustainable products. Pontikis said, “Our objective is to inspire, in our guests, a new appreciation of cotton.” “When Jongeun Kim brought the grant proposal to the team, we were excited about the opportunities it would present for our students,” said Cao. “As they research and develop designs they’ll discover ways use sustainable dyes and finishes. And when you see their work, you’ll see a lot of creativity!” The Cotton project is also supported by the College of Health and Human Development at CSUN.

We welcome and thank the competition for the Cotton Inc. portion of the show judges:

  - Shideh Shidel, Fashion Professor, Art Institute of California, Hollywood
  -Evelin Skoroff, Assistant Designer, BEBE
  -Dongeun Kim, Assistant Designer, Little Mass
  -Pat Tabassi of Design Knit, Inc.
  -Monica Park, Production Manager, The Disney Store, North America

- Jean O'Sullivan