Monday, January 24, 2011

Student Success Toward Graduation

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Cal State Northridge was selected to receive a five year "Title V" grant from the US Department of Education. We are grateful for the generous support this grant will offer our university in strengthening student success.

Read more about our role in this grant program.

Ruth Harris: Next, the Voice Science Lab

ruth harris

Even though Ruth Harris retired from the Department of Communication Disorders and Sciences several years ago, she has kept involved with the College by serving as a volunteer. Harris’ history with the university goes back to 1977; she was the first full time Coordinator of the Language Speech and Hearing Center in the department of Communication Disorders and Sciences. Last November she was recognized by the University at the CSUN Volunteer Service Awards Event.

Instrumental to the next phase of developing a voice lab, Harris is currently building support for the Voice Science Lab in the department.

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Staff Professional Development Day:
March 16th - Save the Date

cover of sarita maybin's book

Staff in HHD: Watch for an invitation coming soon for this special professional development event. Sarita Maybin the author of the book, "If You Don't Have Anything Nice to Say, What DO You Say?"

She is a high energy speaker whose audiences have fun learning how to stay positive, constructively confront tough communication situations and work together better. She is also a former university dean of students with a Masters degree in counseling. Please save the date.

External Grants Funded

Since the start of the fiscal year, the following external grants were awarded to HHD:

CADV, CSUN Off Campus Community Service Program, from the US Department of Education; also Jumpstart Program, JumpStart Inc. Joyce Munsch.

EOH, Revitalize Environmental Health with Social Networking sites, from the Association of Environmental Health Academic Programs/Centers for Disease Control & Prevention, Owen Seiver.

FCS, Marilyn Magaram Center: Advancing Professional Competencies of Nutrition and Health Science Students in the Area of Breastfeeding Education: A Service Learning Project from the USDA; Reducing the Childhood Obesity Rate Among Low Income Children in the Van Nuys Neighborhood, from HUD, Joyce Gilbert.

KIN, The effects of Cardiovascular Exercise on Cognitive Function in People with Multiple Sclerosis, from UCLA/National Multiple Sclerosis Society, Taeyou Jung; Skeletal muscle insulin resistance: High fat diet and inflammatory pathways from the NIH, Ben Yaspelkis.

RTM, Aquatic Center at Castaic, Boating Safety Grant, California Department of Boating and Waterways, John Vanarsdale.

CSUN Pays Tribute to its Volunteers:

award medals

Each year, the university honors its volunteers at the Volunteer Service Awards event. We rely on volunteers to strengthen connections between the university and the community, and we join President Koester in recognizing the faculty and community members who give their time so generously.

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College Honors:

- Audrey Clark
- Ruth Harris

Alumni Chapter Honors:

- Houri Keshishian, ’98, MS ’01, CADV Alumni Chapter
- Helen Sherman Wade, MA ’76, CDS Alumni Chapter
- Laura Drew, ’87, MS ’96, EOH Alumni Chapter
- Antonio Machado, ’93, MS ’94, EOH Alumni Chapter
- Sheryl Low, ’86, MPH ’91, PT Alumni Chapter
- James Syms, ’87, PT Alumni Chapter

2011 Faculty Retreat: Poster Presentations

The University Faculty Retreat in January showcased “Culture, Scholarship, Unity and Networking.” Several HHD faculty presented posters:

Improving Support and Academic Success for Latino and Low Income Students - Title V Grant
Lou Rubino (HSCI), Rafi Efrat (COBAE)

Jumpstart Northridge - Networking with Community Programs
Joyce Munsch, Danielle Watson (CADV, Jumpstart)

Sustainability Practices in the U. S. Women's Fashion Industry
JongEun Kim (FCS)

Assessment as a Vehicle for Creating Department Unity and Collaborative Scholarship: Capitalizing on Campus Networks in a Transitional Culture
Veda Ward, Janice Tolan (RTM)

Student Engagement in Sustainability Practices
Mechelle Best, (RTM), Erica Wohldmann (Psych), Helen Cox (Geography)

Addressing Critical Advisement Junctures/Contact Points Through Moodle Communities
Catherine Jackson (CDS), Nancy Petry (CADV), Anubhuti Thakur, Rodica Kohn, Claudia Fajardo-Lira, Terri Lisagor (FCS), MaryJo Sariscscany, Tami Abourezk (KIN)

View the @csun photo essay of the faculty retreat.

University Citizenship

Wait! I am sure your first thought is, “I don’t have time to read about citizenship. I’m too busy.” Upon reflection, however, you might think, “Hmm, this might provide some new insights into how I manage my work life here at CSU Northridge.” 

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