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Digital Measures Resources for HHD Faculty

This website is designed to provide HHD faculty with a number of resources to support the use of Digital Measures within the College. Digital Measures is a web-based system, which provides users with the capability of entering and maintaining an online repository of teaching and scholarly activity. In addition to poviding the University and the College with a way to quickly aggregate scholarly activity, the Digital Measures system provides an excellent tool to support accreditation needs and for faculty to quickly and easily produce an updated CV.

Below, you will find the procedure to log into and begin using Digital Measures. Additionally, the following resources are contained on this website:

Data Input strategy & helpful hints

Data Entry Guide (your "roadmap" to Digital Measures)


Login Procedure for Digital Meaures

1. Log into the CSUN Portal using your usual CSUN login and password

2. On the CSUN Portal page, look for the Pagelet box named Faculty Affairs (See below)

Faculty Affairs pagelet and personalize option


4. If the Faculty Affairs pagelet is not visible on your Portal page, you may need to modify your Portal configuration to include it. To do so, please select the Personalize option from the upper right hand corner of the page. Once you have selected Personalize, locate the section of the page entitled Pagelets for Faculty and check the box for the Faculty Affairs pagelet (see below).

Personalizing the Portal Page

5. After you check the box to enable the Faculty Affairs pagelet box, it should be visible when you return to your portal page.  Simply locate the link that says Enter Accomplishments in the Faculty Affairs pagelet box and click on it to go to the Digital Measures system.

6. To help organize your information for Digital Measures and to find your way around the various options, please use the Faculty Research Profile Excel worksheet.

If you have questions about Digital Measures, please contact Elio Spinello at elio.spinello@csun.edu.